'Harmony' Chapter


Harmony or disharmony is more about patterns of energy than principle reinforcers. If we could somehow filter out the real world as people feel they have come to know it, what you would have left are energies that radiate out into the space between their diverse origins. We take energy and paint a picture of the world with it. You can see each of these energies at play in the environment, even in situations that we don’t immediately associate with the pure energy itself.

Forces sets up a relationship with all other energies. They follow an order that can be called a harmony, but the cycle of harmony is not seamless. The harmonious force is always a whole level removed from the other force it harmonizes with. Reality has great depth. The way the higher forces resonate with the lower forces is by the bridge of dissonance. Harmony is always arrived at by a transitory tension. Are there any exceptions to this?

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi (Indian Philosopher, 1869-1948)

“Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.” Sallust

Unity of Behaviour

Today’s topic is harmony. Everywhere you might think of, and more specifically anywhere you might go in your daily life, there is a constant broadcast of energy. The most obvious energy broadcasts in your environment would perhaps be sound, maybe… Seek More

Harmonious Flow

Under most circumstances in the busy mall, people will maintain a basic sympathy with the balance of energy around them, but when someone doesn’t, they stand out like a sore thumb, as they say. Everyone falls into a shopping mall… Seek More

Peace and War

I would like to invite someone to pick two seemingly opposed forces, and I will illustrate how they interact with each other in the world. War and peace? Ok, war. There has always been a force of conflict in the… Seek More

Life and Death Interact

So shall I do life and death? First, life. Life is a force in the world, and often acts in ways we find really rather vexing. Life is the mildew in your bathroom, the spider in your shoe, and the… Seek More

Cycle of Harmony

Now the harmony, shall we? Reality as we know it is the interplay of a collection of forces. We explored war and peace, life and death. Each of these forces sets up a relationship with all other energies. They follow… Seek More

Threads of Tension

Harmony with mildew comes from understanding the way of tension with mildew. Why do you want to kill it? Why do other people kill it? These tensions in the mind have led to all manner of inventions, including finding a… Seek More

Your Personal Harmony

You are all very noisy people. Everyone is very noisy. Your entire system is constantly making sounds. These sounds have a harmony to them internally. The harmony of your internal sound arises from your process of perception. Harmony is the… Seek More

Hard Wired to Harmonize

Your nervous system picks up patterns of action potential through the mirroring nervous system. They have even found that when you observe someone with the intention to be able to reproduce the action they displayed, your brain activates the same… Seek More

Identity is Integral

Shall we risk taking a step away from normal human experience for a moment to do some deconstruction? This shows up in the case of autistics (which includes myself). Below your normal level of awareness (and in this case I… Seek More

Express Your Bass Line

In music, what is the solution when the speakers are generating a lot of noise? When the reverb in your speakers is too bad, ruining the sound of your music, what do you do? Turn it down? Why do you… Seek More