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You can’t trust another till you trust yourself, because if you don’t trust yourself then how do you know who’s trustworthy?

Rehearsal for Life Change in Harmony


Shall we go into rehearsal? The rehearsal process is where new rhythms are set, and every song is ultimately written rhythm first and melody to flesh it out.

So first, as you rehearse for life change, even if it’s a very small scale change, a little limerick or sales jingle, you first have to get the beat. How often do you hear an artist start out by asking the drummer if they can provide a beat? Drummer or whatever passes for a drummer. Even techno groups have the equivalent.

Yes, sometimes it’s some bass chords. Even a bass chord sets a beat. It’s how we can perceive pitch. Bass sets the rhythm, but yes… In your quiet moments, meditating or whatever else you prefer to do, see if you can feel your personal beat, and notice if it’s in discord or not. If it is, if it seems like a drum roll, then you have to be prepared to help it move into a stable rhythm, allow the transition before you begin any projects. You can spread a drum rolls transition into the stable by simple softening the intensity.

It’s also good to “listen” for the beating of groups before you join them. That is exactly what you must do. Soften a drum roll and it evens out into a roll.

You can tell when your personal melody is in harmony with your environment, because you will gravitate to people, places and situations, or they will gravitate to you. If you are still dissonant, your environment will attempt to isolate your sound, and failing that it will try to disrupt it. Some people even voluntarily isolate their sound. This can serve its purpose, like a sound room when you want to refine the fidelity of a recording, but ultimately you still have to consider how it will be received in the long run for everyone’s well-being.

You can choose what situations, places, and people you connect with, but you can’t choose how to connect with them, and that’s what most people try and do. Dictate the exact pattern of connection. The sound of the situation you are getting into is bigger than you, no way around it. Even if you could force your personal sound into that melody, you would just breath the rhythm. The situation and desired outcome would cease to exist to be possible.

So you get the beat, harmonize your perceptual tones. By that I mean make certain you are paying attention to the mood of the audience. This audience can even be just the situation itself, like the weather that day, or the functional state of your car.

Like our cat harmonizes with a rainy day and goes back to sleep. Yes, exactly.

When you do this, and only then begin playing, begin interacting with the situation, miracles can seem to happen. But you have to trust your sense of rhythm, your intuition.

My car harmonizes with rainy days and refuses to start! And yes, if you won’t harmonize, other things will harmonize without you.

This topic had good imagery. Feel like you have a tangible grasp on it?

I’ve gone into situations and thought, I have no idea what to do here, I’ll just see what happens, and then something wonderful happened.

So it seems strange I ask so many questions in class doesn’t it?

Not to me. We are used to it. Do you know what I am really asking?

What the “beat” is?

If we are in harmony?

Yes, I am asking can you give me a beat, and no, not if you are in harmony. I know you are in harmony with whatever people, places and things you are in harmony with.

You learn more readily by negatives than positives though. So off chords and beat are very functional. Yes, indeed. And well, it goes deeper…

Let’s say each of your lives are different bodies of sound, yes? According to the principles of sound, when the waves from one body of sound overlap another they create disruption, little breaks in the sound, also known as a beat pattern. That’s the beat I am looking for.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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