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Food, sex, wealth, these are the things of the devil? So why do all our righteous leaders have them?

Your Personal Harmony in Harmony


You are all very noisy people. Everyone is very noisy. Your entire system is constantly making sounds. These sounds have a harmony to them internally. The harmony of your internal sound arises from your process of perception.

Harmony is the range of tones that are encompassed and expressed at the same time. This range is naturally and necessarily limited. You can only pay attention to so many things at one time.

Each stimuli you are tracking produces an electromagnetic response in your body, and though we typically only ascribe this quality to sound, it applies to all sensation. What I am talking about is pitch. Your nervous system attunes to various stimuli. They call this habituation, and perhaps not unlike a bird you begin to broadcast any given tone back into the environment. This is what you might call habitual perception. You tend to see the things you are used to seeing, the things you expect to see.

Well, we perceive life to be multifaceted. This perception is not strictly objective but it is still true to the degree that it is a functional observation. You broadcast not on a single channel but on a range of channels, and the tone of each channel can vary quite clearly from the others. What you expect to see at work, or in your community, may differ noticeably from what you expect to see at home. The sum of your tones, the quality of your attention in each channel, determines whether you perceive your personal experience to be in harmony or dissonance.

A point of clarification, the value judgements we ascribe to those concepts, harmony and dissonance, are strictly matters of personal opinion. Functionally, the two states equate to being at rest or in transition. Dissonance is being in transition, which inevitably always resolves itself into a new state of rest.

Now we aren’t making our personal noise in a sound proof bubble, as much as many people seem to model their perception of reality, and people do indeed model their perception of reality much the same as they can deliberately direct their visual attention. So your sound resonates with the melodies of people around you.

Another word for melody might be story. Melody is the structure we perceive our life experience to have as it moves through phases of harmony and dissonance, and in fact the structure itself arises not from the harmonious phases of our lives but the dissonance, the points of transition. No story without conflict. So yes, your personal harmony can receive stress from outside sounds, outside perceptions. It does on a constant basis.

When dissonance resolves into harmony, those are the most satisfying parts of the melody. Yes, just like the sense of relief we get when we have a good pee, but we still need our kidneys and bladder to keep working and producing the waste.

Some people enjoy the dissonance side more. Movers and shakers as they say.

Like when a tune goes into a minor key and then resolves back into a major key. Those are my favourite spots.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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