Truth is beauty, and beauty truth. I have forever gazed upon beauty and am thus moved to engage its dark shadow.

Borrow the Gifts of the Animals in Animal Guides

Animal Healers

Just as animals can learn to imitate us, we can reawaken the parts of our own song that harmonize with their own. We can in a sense borrow the gifts of the animals.

We are of course off key, and nowhere near as strong as the original species, but this can still be very useful. It sharpens our perception and thus broadens our capacity to recognize patterns in our environment, and well, it also gives us a better sense of our own bodies, awakens us to the full range of the bodies potential. It’s been proven that because of our cognitive habits we only use a portion of our physical strength and even coordination. Chimpanzees as an example again. You know how they are very much stronger than us, yes?

Yes. They use their bodies more. There is no biological reason why. It isn’t even exercise necessarily. A chimp is still stronger than a fit and even athletic man, or appears to be. The difference according to science is neurological rather than mechanical. They activate entire muscle groups with most actions they engage in. We activate only small sections, and often more of the small muscle groups than the large ones. These allow fine control of course, but we have a very great deal more potential. I myself disagree with the notion that neural architecture is fixed, and there is scientific evidence to support my view. Neuroplasticity.

What we are lacking, what we ignore, is the spirit of the chimpanzee. The spirit of the gorilla. We are busy acting, literally moving like humans, and we don’t even really know what that is. We have no practical reason for our human act, except maybe the bipedal walk. What do you think of this?

I think back to the Tarzan stories. Not entirely far fetched stories.

More and more brave and adventurous souls are learning the truth of this. There is a man in Tanzania, I believe it is, a strange crazy white man, who has become able to move among and socialize with a specific pride of lions. They literally behave as if he were part of their social group. Any other humans meet with threat behaviour, even intense threat behaviour, but he isn’t included in that at all. Interesting, no?

This was intentional on his part I assume. Oh, yes. He did deliberately socialize himself with that pride. I think these people are learning important skills, things we as a society need to at least understand.

Jane Goodall did a similar thing with gorillas. She did, and mostly only she was able. The gorillas are a bit less paranoid about humans though, unfortunately to their misfortune, and humans were able to also go among that gorilla troupe safely if they were with her and followed her direction in interaction. Perhaps it was the species family resemblance than made them that little bit more comfortable?

Any questions about animals as healers or how to adapt their ways to use on your own?

I recall Temple Grandin’s work with animals, or rather, work to help humans understand animals better. She did, and her work is the best there is even still. People are still insisting that they can reject or ignore empathetic design. This is insanity of course, even regarding empathetic design of human environments. It really is the basis of feng shui. The gods referred to in feng shui are the long recorded and venerated behaviour patterns of nature, and we prosper when the life in a space is harmonized. Even animals favour circles. Spiders, birds, apes, even a species of fish. Actually, many species of fish and crustaceans.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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