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If there is any reality then you are real, and your choices are based on you.

Wild Animals in Cages in Self Development


Why aren’t we all brilliant scientists or great composers of symphonies? Why are some folks homeless and out of work while others are thriving?

Our pressures are no longer for survival, now they are social. Yes, cultural, but our organic bodies are still only equipped to handle the natural environment, so we behave like wild animals in cages. Is this unfair to say? In what situations do we not act like wild animals?

Either wild or domesticated. Ah yes, an element of domestication does fit in here. Well-fed animals are less hostile. Less stressed animals are less defensive.

Working in a cubical is certainly not stimulating to our biology. What happens when we confine other species to a “cubicle”?

Stress, but it also depends on the size of the cubicle.

Sometimes they mutilate themselves, like birds that pluck their own feathers out.

Often times their minds degenerate to the point where if they were released they would stand around and do nothing, and if left unattended, they would starve. Have we covered the entire spectrum of human behavior yet? What sort of human behavior haven’t we covered?

Sexuality. Ah, sexuality, the skeleton of human social structure. Everything we value is flesh on these bones. Everything that goes into our sense of personal identity either directly or indirectly.

Sometimes humans go on rampages. Indeed, predatory beasts that were complacent for a long time do sometimes kill their handlers from out of the blue, and it doesn’t even take being a predator. I am thinking of one case in particular.

Elephant? Yes, one specific handler seemed to offend, and the elephant in question tried to do a headstand on him.

I hate seeing that knowing it is not the elephants fault at all, yet the animal must then be destroyed. It isn’t the elephants fault, no, that’s true.

That explains the different effects homelessness can have on people that I have observed. Some look like those starving animals. and others really like the life they have, the freedom. I have not met a single person who likes being homeless. I do know those who have learned to adapt, and would feel lost if they had to try to tackle “civilized” life again. Society is really a complicated mess, but being socially marginalized has no upside.

Some kids choose that life, but almost always regret it eventually. Why they survive at all is that “underground” subcultures form. They learn to interact with and work with these institutions that have no name.

It might have been good for me to run away for a while, but I never did it. It can harden one, which I guess can be seen as valuable. Personally, I believe there are better ways.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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