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There is only freedom without, when there is freedom within.

Society Evolution in Self Development


So if we stick to social guidelines, how do we develop?


Restricted, prudish.

Can society evolve while individuals conform to expectations?

Society becomes robotic.

That’s the difference between conservative and progressive, both have their merits and weaknesses. Conservatives want nothing to change and progressives want everything to change.

Can hierarchies survive if institutions are unable to remain persistent / fixed in structure? If you never walk, you won’t survive. If you never stop walking, you won’t survive. So how would we survive?

Keep the good, change the stuff that doesn’t work. How do we tell which is which?

Debate, experimentation.

Is it ok to sidetrack a bit? If what they assert about the human body and mind is true, how did we come to a culturally driven evolution instead of Darwinian?

In Darwinian evolution, the individual whose inherent traits are best suited to survive environmental change survives and shapes the future of the species. It’s a passive evolution, and in theory works by a law of averages. Enough numbers and any species could evolve to handle new changes.

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We solved all our survival problems, killed all the nasty beasties, created a system of renewable food source. We did indeed. We have more or less negated any Darwinian pressure. Are we better off for it? We replaced Darwinian factors by adopting the role of predators ourselves.

Well, we have better medicine. We have war, psychopathic outbursts, eugenic social engineering, “ethnic cleansing.” No end of euphemisms and rationalization. It’s all very logical. We simply must have the resources we take. We absolutely must defend ourselves from the interests of rival nations. It’s all very logical. What do you think?

Life was extremely barbaric 4000 years ago. That’s changed? King David was a mass murder, kidnapper, and human trafficker. Not the only one, and indeed he was. Could we not describe our current situation as intellectual tribalism? Barbarism is just another word for tribalism. If it is better than it formerly was, how so?

Fewer babies slaughtered. Ah, we solved that problem with science. For those with the money, you never need conceive unwanted babies, but poorer places still slaughter them, put them to war even. What would you do if confronted by an eight year old with a gun?

Duck. That would be wise. Would you kill him?

I could probably take the gun from him or kick it away. He’s seriously addicted to aggression enhancing drugs. You won’t be able to reason with him. The scenario I am talking about takes place in Africa, and the child has buddies who will shoot you if he doesn’t.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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