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Identification of form. Form arises from spirit. Not spirit from form.

Better Fangs and Claws in Self Development


So are we in an enlightened age? Why for all of our cleverness have we not found peace?

Not everyone is clever, just some people. Everyone is cleverer these days than they were hundreds of years ago. Thousands of years ago some of our idiots would have been geniuses in the right places and in the right cultures.

Unfortunately, clever doesn’t equal ethical. It’s true. Clever by no means is equivalent to ethical strength. Why are we so frustrated?

We as a species crave drama. If it doesn’t exist, we create it. Biology looks for tension, and we still focus that tension outward. We look for enemies where there aren’t any, at least to start with, but there is something that gave us the means to control our environment. What was that?

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Brains? Opposable thumbs? I would say that it was inevitable that after a certain stage of organic development, you would have a creature who is able to perceive order. Things are orderly, structured, both what they are and what outside influences exclude them from being. We could see the whole forest instead of tree after tree. What have we done with that?

I would say that so far all we have done is make better fangs and claws with which to tear apart our environment. Is there something I overlook with that? Fangs exist to let us eat. Claws exist to let us stop the thing we intend to eat so we can commence eating. We have the “stopping” thing down pretty well. What is control but “stopping” stuff from happening? And we have discovered ways of “eating” just about anything and everything. We just call it consumerism now. It sounds sophisticated, even philosophical, no? Pretty impressive? Is there nothing more for us to do?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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