'Self Development' Chapter


We have the potential to uncover self-awareness on a scale that makes even our brightest minds look shallow and petty. Is this not desirable? Humans insist that they have better ideas than nature does, but your brain is not your brain, it’s natures brain, and your judgements and rational thought are not evidence of your evolution, they are a virus, memetic corruption.

To me, self-development is developing a self. Actually specializing your inner mind to broaden the entire consciousness of our planet. When we seek to “work” we are seeking to sleep. We are avoiding awareness. We want the comfort of the worker bee.

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“Use your free time for self-development.” Brian Koslow (American author and entrepreneur)

What is Self-Development?

What is self-development? Trying to improve yourself and your lot in life. Fulfilling one’s potential. Examining an aspect of self or the environment and changing your relationship to it. Excellent. There really isn’t a wrong answer. Your answer does reveal… Seek More

Wild Animals in Cages

Why aren’t we all brilliant scientists or great composers of symphonies? Why are some folks homeless and out of work while others are thriving? Our pressures are no longer for survival, now they are social. Yes, cultural, but our organic… Seek More

Society Evolution

So if we stick to social guidelines, how do we develop? Boringly? Restricted, prudish. Can society evolve while individuals conform to expectations? Society becomes robotic. That’s the difference between conservative and progressive, both have their merits and weaknesses. Conservatives want… Seek More

Better Fangs and Claws

So are we in an enlightened age? Why for all of our cleverness have we not found peace? Not everyone is clever, just some people. Everyone is cleverer these days than they were hundreds of years ago. Thousands of years… Seek More

Natures Brain

Here we can interact with an order that is infinitely greater than an organic brain. We can find ways not only to control our world, but we could be promoting the refinement of life in general, the evolution and wellbeing… Seek More

Developing a Self

Even the human body is separated into organs. That’s where the word organize comes from. The human organism itself doesn’t confine itself to specific parts of itself. There are elements of our awareness that go untouched in the modern era,… Seek More

Notion of Control

Everybody these days dabbles in some self improvement reading, or almost everybody, and what do these books (or texts as the case may be) usually say to hook us? “You will become a better person — because we’ll help you… Seek More

Space to Move

To renovate, to renew, to revive we must clear away blockages. What is it that makes something a blockage? Resistance? Can you renovate without removing anything? Maybe by enclosing all the old stuff in a new package, but that’s not… Seek More

Free Your Perception

Let me ask you, if there weren’t any bill boards, and someone approached you with the idea of creating them, and they needed your permission to do so, would you give it? ABSOLUTELY NOT! So why do you give permission… Seek More

Repair the Mind

After you repair the structural damage, well maybe I am getting ahead of myself… How to repair damaged regions of the mind. First, reopen the original context in which it formed. You have to recover a sense of why you… Seek More