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Synthesis is an interesting experience. I enjoy tasting blue.

Free Your Perception in Self Development


Let me ask you, if there weren’t any bill boards, and someone approached you with the idea of creating them, and they needed your permission to do so, would you give it?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! So why do you give permission for posting in your mind? We all absorb a great deal of material. We voluntarily accept it because we think on some level it keeps us in touch with real life.

Because driving long distances can be boring. I promise that boredom goes away when you free your perception, open mental windows, throw open behavioural doors.

I imagine a city without billboards would feel very free.

Could you run straight at a solid wall without stopping? Just keep going no matter what?

No collisions of molecules, then? Oh, there would be collision of molecules certainly.

Only if I was focusing on something else and didn’t see it. You have it. You don’t behave any differently toward the thoughts in your mind. They dictate your behaviour, and problems arise when you run into one thought while busily paying attention to another. We think that whatever is presently on our mind is the only thing that can affect us. Is this not so?

Do you think your memories of your past have no effect on your current state of mind? Do you think that random thing someone said as you walked by had no effect on you?

You live in both a mental and a physical world, and both worlds are equally persistent. The general tone of peoples conversation in a public place fills your mind. The general mood of any broadcast, be it radio or television or whatever else you may be familiar with, these fill your mind and you can do nothing about it just as the environment around your home affects the conditions inside your home.

You not only make sense, it’s the story of my life! The story only makes sense in the spaces. One of the metaphors, they use to describe the structure and nature of reality in Taoism, is the space between notes in a song. Without that space the song would just be a big smear, a screech of unpleasant noise. They even use featureless noise as a way of wearing down peoples will. It does so in your mind also.

The first stage of spiritual renovation is ventilation. But you have to understand what you are trying to create ventilation in before you can do it. That was why I spoke of all the previous stuff.

What perceptions are too fixed? Yes. We forget the range of motion we have in perception.┬áBegin believing that we perceive all that is, and everything as it is, and you don’t and never can. What you do perceive is your own state.

Cancer is caused by inflammation of tissues, and resembles fetal tissue. Inflammation occurs when the bodies resources are all focused on one sight in an effort to reject the foreign or toxic influence of something.

After we recover some perceptual mobility, we have to examine the structural damage that has been done to our minds, spirits, and lives. We can identify this by looking for signs of gravity, seriousness, inflammation. Thoughts and perceptions that are so old we have grown sick of them, but we keep them because we know of no other way.

This is the value of pilgrimages? I’ve noticed that travel affects perception a lot. It is indeed the value of pilgrimages. By virtue of its very nature, enlightenment is lightening. Nothing looks very serious when viewed in a broader context, does it?

Nope. The more serious the subject, the broader the context needed. Yes.

What causes damage to our homes? Our homes are damaged by unsustainable structure. When the traffic patterns are too confined, when the air flow is too congested, when important parts of the homes infrastructure are too difficult to access, then things begin to break down. One of the amazing things about nanotechnology, and what might allow us to build homes that need no further maintenance, is its ability to reorganize itself. They have even discovered effects they didn’t anticipate. The more they use their materials to imitate nature, the more self renewing and thus enduring it can be. By speaking natures language, they are able to access abilities they didn’t even know matter had, like light particles forming molecules, or being able to form knots, or water repelling material producing an ion releasing effect. Free electricity, even if the flow isn’t strong or coherent. They could paint the outside of those water distilling billboards with it. Maybe some inspiring artwork? And thus give us both drinking water and electricity, as well as uplifting mental content, but this requires a different kind of thinking than most scientists and engineers are practising.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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