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Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

Repair the Mind in Self Development


After you repair the structural damage, well maybe I am getting ahead of myself…

How to repair damaged regions of the mind. First, reopen the original context in which it formed. You have to recover a sense of why you thought and felt that way in the first place, and then you have to connect that to the other conditions that existed around it.

You developed that problem, the mental and emotional injury, because you considered the experience to be a special case. You judged it to be more important than other elements of your experience at the time. This is always an error. Just as you can’t build a home without a frame first, you can’t build a strong mind, with firm foundation in wisdom, without recognizing that life occurs simultaneously. Everything emerges from the same process.

Shall we throw a little science at this? They have found no centre of consciousness in the brain, no single part that they can target that would leave a healthy brain but one that is not self aware.

What they have found, the difference between a conscious and unconscious brain, is the degree of direct communication between the individual regions while you are awake. It’s like the taxi system in your mental city is up and running while you are asleep. There is still traffic, but it’s meandering. It has to route the long way around and borrow resources it wouldn’t otherwise use. Those are the strange patterns of free association you experience while dreaming.

No one is ever fully awake or fully asleep. This has also proven true in the lab. How this relates to renovation, well… How would you plan your minds organization if you could? How do you plan renovations on a home?

What are my needs?

Start from the bottom up.

Colour samples.

One thing I’ve noticed is once you start, more surfaces need doing.

Brainstorming, looking at examples too.

Reality is infinite.

Before you ever build a house, there is the potential for a house to be there. Even before the days of modern infrastructure, there were still necessities for building your home. You couldn’t build it at some arbitrary spot out in the middle of the desert. You had to have some sort of access to water. So what does a mind need?

Perception? Ideas? Some sort of way to structure those?

Sensory input.



The first thing a mind needs is consciousness, and by consciousness, I am going to get daring here. Even scientists are complaining because they have no real working definition of consciousness for them to perform their science on. There is a movement deep within the brain, and actually even deeper than the brain, it occurs also in the heart and in the stomach. This movement occurs in plants and in single celled organisms as well. We experience ourselves to be well or ill to the degree that this movement flows smoothly. Your brain, it’s neurons and glial cells, seek to connect, and not just connect, but connect in a sustainable way. Your brain wants to be awake.

Isn’t this what they are calling Embodiment Theory? Indeed, it is. It is fact the world embodies consciousness. Even if you insist on a naturalist view of the world, you must still accept that the world embodies consciousness. This is the only way consciousness could have ever manifested as the “emergent phenomenon” they firmly believe it to be.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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