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When you stop taking things so seriously then you start seeing them clearly.

Our Quantum Zeno Effect in Self Development


Guess what seems to be the foundation of any stability in our world? They are even depending on it for the advancement of quantum computing. Shall I just say?

Holding multiple perceptions? Actually, I will get into that.

They call it the quantum zeno effect. The more something is observed, the more steadily, the more stable it becomes, more fixed.

Heisenberg principle? It relates to that. It’s what resolves a superposition. They have proven Heisenberg’s principle in the lab now also, but what creates the connectome in the human brain, what allows neuroplasticity, is the same thing. Neurons that fire together, wire together. Each signal is a “check-sum” in an ongoing equation.¬†Even if one observing unit is eliminated from the network, the sum itself will remain. That neuron will begin compensating, for the signal it’s no longer getting, to keep the equation balanced, coherent.

I wonder which particles are worth perceiving continuously. All particles are worth perceiving continuously, and you do. Each neuron is a part of the overall initiative, inertia, movement of consciousness. The brain is not seeking to assume any one state. It’s seeking to track many ongoing states of being. That’s what the brain does. It’s the organ that maintains our own quantum zeno effect. Its purpose is to allow us to exist as persistent beings. Your body is self observed.

Now shall I get really weird? You aren’t in there. You aren’t in that body. You exist as the process that presents the information to the body. Structures experience for the body. The body doesn’t do this for itself. You are the set of observations that lead up to your body, and that will persist beyond the degradation of your body.

Consciousness is a syndrome and experience is the side effect! Indeed, you have it exactly. You are a singularity of observation, a locus of infinite consciousness, and you iterate infinitely across time space and space time.

Your brain has no memories. They cannot control memory by modifying the brain. They can complicate its recall, but your brain is just a router. It keeps the ongoing carrier wave, the ongoing reference signal in a three dimensional hologram. It has no memories, just reference checks that it routes like a computer. It upgrades the incoming information, fills in the blanks, but it is not the source.

That’ll explain my crashing every time I try a new operating system. Indeed. Paradigm shift does tend to cause crashes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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