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Smiles start diplomacy. Conflict resolution without blood shed. Gallons and gallons of too much blood shed and it wasn’t from passion. Was actually very cold. Indoctrinated passion…unnatural.

A Shadow Across Time Space in Self Development


Space is three dimensional. This takes no wild stretch of the imagination. Time is also three dimensional.

In our normal experience, we perceive time to play out over dimensions of space. We perceive ourselves to age over the dimension of space we allocate to our bodies, but in general, time seems to be invisible to our normal consciousness.

I ponder time pouring time into time. Time doesn’t pour into time. Time pours into space except past the gravity barrier. We live in a domain of space-like time. Our space seems to be structured by time. The quantum zeno effect I mentioned? That is quantum gravity. It is what causes superpositions to collapse, but our space has a twin. We live in space time, a time-like space, but we also exist in a space-like time. It’s in this dimension that actual memory is present, thus I spoke of iterations of the self.

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In this complimentary domain, time spreads out over space rather than space seeming to play out over time, and all things are occurring simultaneously. All yourself is occurring simultaneously. This is why you can recall who you are. Your brain runs a check on this time space while you function in space time.

Time offers infinite possibility to space — and space offers the opportunity for realization of time’s possibilities? Yes. Where they link is in gravity, and gravity is attention, attenuation. Observation is gravity. This is why an object becomes fixed in it. Gravity oscillates across the dimensional barrier. Our gravity or observations (even stone has memory, all matter does), but our gravity is the complimentary space’s levity, also known as motion. Perfect gravity would immobilize everything and everyone. Gravity in time space is our levity.

We are moved by our memories, by events as they express over three dimensional time. There is even evidence that mainstream science is finding very disturbing, but the experiment has proven air tight methodologically. We can anticipate future events. Our brains respond to things we will encounter in the near future, even before the event has been generated.

Shall I explain what this means in time space? Time is three dimensional, and energy flows in that space as freely as it does in our own. So just as a three dimensional object casts a shadow, broadcasting information in that way, so do temporal objects cast a shadow across our location in space-time. We can feel it when we are being shaded across the barrier. The shade works in all directions, past to future, future to present. Everything you imagined doing as a young child cast a shadow across time space creating a footprint, and everyplace your energy is flowing is not in the present. It also casts a shadow.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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