Atheists often make a god of humanistic ideals, and in their zeal perpetuate the same crimes they attribute to faith.

Shadow State in Shadow People

Shadow People

I’ve never heard of the state of “shadow person.” Shadow person is what humans call it. It was at one point believed that all of the dead went on to live in the shadow state. This was maybe even true at one point, but the psychic atmosphere of our world has changed and is changing. It’s a busy spirit world.

Are we a shadow person to them? Actually, we are “grey.”

I expect they understand it? Many of them do, though they aren’t all equally skilled.

Some are also oblivious? Often because they are stuck “between.” A sort of schizophrenic state in the greater reality. Like they have discovered even in organic states of schizophrenia, it can clear up and does given time.

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This is why you say we’re grey, because they’re seeing it from the between? Seen from their point of view, it’s like looking into water. The energy or “light” is distorted. This is the same reason most people dream in grey also, most, but not all. You normally can’t perceive color in dreams.

True, it becomes color in the lucid state. It becomes color perception when you are lucid to spiritual reality also.

My dreams are always technicolor. You are likely a sensitive. You very easily could be.

The “other world” isn’t as strange as the model of reality people subscribe to here. Now that reality weirds me out, major discontinuity. Seems delusional whenever I hear people say they “understand” anything at all. It’s such an incomplete picture, but they call me autistic which means “self-absorbed.” Also denoted by an immaturity which means I’m child like. I don’t screen things, so maybe my views are nonsense.

Out of touch with the reality everyone loves so much? Yes. It’s hard for me to keep track of all the communications and trends in human behaviour that they call the “real world.” It is easy to see why so many just totally retreat from normals and the language is really hard to acquire, but it was my talent so of course I did.

I will add an additional thought then conclude. I had juvenile seizures, and they felt like panic attacks in a way. So the “fear” is maybe like a psychic “allergy” to such intense and foreign energy. An over reaction of the nervous system and not actually an attack from the shadow person. The fight/flight/freeze instinct. All spiritual experience seems to have some traces of the freeze instinct kicking in. This was maybe how they ever got any messages across, and why we don’t really experience that anymore.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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