The way of thought is the way of definition. A focusing of the minds eye to see details better. People mistake control for artifice, though artifice inevitably fails.

Repossess the Resident in Self Development


Shall I reveal what actual “house” it is that you renovate? Well, it’s framework is made up of all the freeze frame moments of the self. Each version of you forming a pillar in the architecture.

Remember the quantum zeno effect?

Nothing can move? You are being perpetually observed, so you have in fact never moved. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of moving.

The substance of your temporal home is made up of the transformations of your consciousness. Each slat, each shingle, is a subtle moment of crisis, a small quiet paradigm shift. You change by a series of little deaths and rebirths. Each of these creating it’s own body or ripples all throughout time space.

So what you renovate is not these fixed things, nothing crystallized. You renovate the “mechanism” of movement, the process.

So every moment is an opportunity for renovation. Indeed.

The vehicle, as it’s commonly referred to in Buddhism, well… How would you renovate your car?

Take it to a body shop. Newer, more flexible technology. Sturdier, better adapted shielding. More helpful gadgets for getting by in your daily life.

Give the car “new eyes”? Indeed.

We don’t change our lives, because we look in the wrong place and try to change the wrong things. The substance of the self, the evolution of perception, the deliberate engagement not of deliberation but of the process by which we can even begin deliberating about anything. Have you ever thought a better thought? Has anyone invented a better thought? A clearly better way of thinking?

Your time space house is haunted. It’s time to repossess the resident. So how do you repossess the resident? It’s simple really. Your brain signal oscillates. It is subject to superposition and quantum collapse.

Everything is gravity, remember? Everything is motion, right? Your brain signal is in motion for the same reason all other matter and energy is in motion, gravity, observation. The quantum zeno effect is the same thing that would happen as an object falls past the event horizon of a black hole. Your thoughts are falling inward.

They describe signals as moving outward. I think they will find this is untrue. They fall inward, toward the brain stem, toward the sensory centres, toward the visceral centres, toward the processes of bodily regulation.

Children are notorious for being unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality, or so they say. The reason a child has this supposed problem is they have not learned to route their energy unnaturally. We misidentify their actual problem. They are limited in their ability to make creative distinctions. They can’t identify distinct systems. They can’t make the distinctions that allow them to make gainful use of utility, to channel their attention and energy in ways that are best for them, but do adults have this secret? Do we learn the solution to the children’s problem? Or do we just skip it?

We usually skip it. Why do we skip it?

Parents are too busy with “real” problems. Indeed, hoarding all the crayons. The ultimate renovation of our time space house, of our memory palace, is crayon on all the walls and playdough in every carpet, remembering that we didn’t understand why not. There is a reason we didn’t understand this. It isn’t natural. Now seriously we don’t have to ativise, lose our sense of our adult identity. Simplicity for its own sake is simply ignorance, but we can reserve the right to actually think.

ANYTHING for its own sake is ignorance. Actually, everything for it’s own sake is natural and right. Everything according to it’s own nature. It’s when we get that twisted, insist on simplifying everything, or never recognizing simplicity when it is present. The reason why a child does what they do with playdough is because it is playdough. Is that why you do anything? Anyone?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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