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The only power is what comes from the heart.

Developing a Self in Self Development


Even the human body is separated into organs. That’s where the word organize comes from. The human organism itself doesn’t confine itself to specific parts of itself. There are elements of our awareness that go untouched in the modern era, but even our science has proven that these can be used and even coaxed to evolve, be repurposed if you will.

If your liver wasn’t separate from your lungs, they wouldn’t work. The body understands itself not as organs but as a whole. Even our symbiotic organisms understand themselves not as individuals but as a whole. The hemispheres of your brain, though they can function as fully independent brains, understand themselves not as individuals but as a whole. Your body plays host to more symbiotic bacteria than it has its own cells. If everything “foreign” to the human body was removed, you would die.

The body is aware. Just as those rat cells self-aggregate, all your other cells do as well, and our science has even transformed other cells into neurons. It apparently isn’t that difficult, and those foreign cells link with ours as if they were ours.

It’s interesting that in science and engineering ‘systems’ have been the big development over the last 50 years or so as if we’ve discovered the idea. I feel nature is wiser than humanity (if not “smarter”), and humanity has the opportunity to make nature “smart.” We began doing it instinctively early on, selective breeding of other species. We are right now making unnecessary noise.

To me, self-development is developing a self. Actually specializing your inner mind to broaden the entire consciousness of our planet. Does this make sense? Does it sound too weird for words? When we seek to “work” we are seeking to sleep. We are avoiding awareness. We want the comfort of the worker bee.

So instead of ‘work’ we seek to be aware? We seek to consciously be. Rather than find a self, we knowingly evolve ourselves, reveal ourselves and stimulate the awakening of other selves. To wake a sleeper, you have to be willing to make noise. To make noise, you have to find your own voice. You can’t just hope to wake them. Intend to wake them. The sound has to come from outside of sleep, outside of that dream world. We can make choices based on our sense of what we genuinely understand. Not about data, that’s knowledge, memory comes cheap, especially for computers these days. I mean actual understanding, actual experience of the world as an awake and alive whole.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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