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There is truth in the world. There is a way in the world. As Sting said, “There is a deeper way than this.” And it is expressed in stillness.

Cut the Knot in Self Development


Space [female] is not always willing or available for Time’s [male] possibilities….or is she? It always is. That’s a human notion and not a natural notion. We don’t see the middle ground, the common ground, and we only fail to see it because we aren’t looking. You are looking everywhere but at the ground you stand on, past and future, inside and out, but these things don’t actually exist. In time space, all events exist not as events but as places and objects. In our space, all times exist only as events. Is this clearly stated?

Neither of these statements are actually true. What exists is a complex web/knot/pattern of movement, and this is extended out through all apparent time and space. This complex Gordian knot is all that you have, all that you can influence. It’s all that you are. It’s your soul if you are comfortable with that.

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But by definition, the only way through a Gordian knot is by cutting it.

Between your own little knot of motion and other knots, like the strings in string theory, there is only one point of intersection. Only one thing that can cut the Gordian knot. There is a resonance between knots of motion. When they resonate well, we perceive the motion to be parallel, and we think we are on the same page with another person. We achieve a sort of unspoken consensus reality, but this is an illusion. Useful as it is, we forget what it’s used for. It’s purpose is communication. Because we perceive it to be something else, it becomes confused, encoded, masked behind complex symbols and obsessions, fetishes. Can you eat a plastic fruit? Gainfully I mean?

Think more along the lines of a Chinese puzzle box and just remember you can still slide the pieces, or a Chinese finger trap. You’re trapped because you are behaving like it is in fact a trap. This isn’t necessary. You are free the moment you are taken with the experience of the world around you. You are free when the playdough fascinates you again. When you tell yourself the story of where the butterfly goes when you don’t see it anymore just because you can. Story telling is renovation. Imagination is perception. Planning is story telling. Why not be more free with all this? Are you using the potential of your arms and legs if you won’t stretch them? You won’t in fact even move. A simple leg swing is a stretch. It’s even a stretch of the imagination that we can even walk. It’s really a messy process, but we don’t mind it. We don’t insist we shouldn’t do it because we should wait until we can do it better. Why do we have that attitude about anything?

Just walk, just breath, just think and feel and sense. Imagine that. I think I meandered a bit much, but perhaps the spirit of the topic was still there.

That’s a bad attitude, because then you get nothing done. Everything that happens happens despite people’s intention to get things done, not because of it. They say the rode to hell is paved with good intentions, and idle hands do the devils work, well there is a reason for this. It hasn’t come about because some principled man had the moral courage to make himself get things done, and other people weren’t doing their share, but quite the opposite.

Next time someone tells you the road to hell is paved with good intentions, demand to know their motivation for pointing it out! Indeed, that is an excellent bit of advice. The reason they say that is because it’s actually easier to just let go and do things, but no one changes anything by getting things done.

The person who changes things is the one who acts according to the principle I mentioned. They react not how they were taught, but according to their inner nature and their perception in the moment. The really skilled are not skilled because they get things done, do things “the way they are supposed to be done.” They are skilled because they can do it differently, because they can stop in the middle of doing things and realize what they are doing. The inventor has to stop doing things the right way before they stand a chance in hell of doing anything a better way.

So I do hope this had a little bit of something helpful in it.

And just to get it out of my head, would you say I speak well?

I think you do. I will say that I speak as well as I do, because I am not trying to say any particular thing. I am just in a particular mind space, and talking while I am there. Like a subway landing, I can still board the subway without a problem, and can acknowledge anyone else in the situation while I am doing it because of the space and feeling or experiencing where I am, not because I make anything happen a specific way.

I think any skill can be like that, no struggle, just movement in the space. The Chinese call that wu wei. Wei wu wei, doing non doing.

Thank you for letting me get that out. I hope that too is maybe a little bit helpful.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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