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There is a coherence beyond neural linkage. Something that persists beyond brain damage. That knows an ‘I’ without defining ‘I’. It is the bit which is left when chat stops in meditation. That is the true self.

Body Awareness in Body Awareness

Body Awareness

The bodies awareness is not a source of evil. It’s the disconnect that is. Most people are actually very little present in their body, so food, sex, music, they are only half experienced, and people often seem very self absorbed. This is attributed to gratifying the body for some reason. Anyone have an idea why?

To feel comfort?

The body’s trying to tell us it’s hungry?

Projection of needs onto others?

But the body doesn’t make us self absorbed. It’s needs always drive us to be aware of the world, and we eat too much not because of what we want, but because of preoccupation of our mind. Anyone disagree?

When my mind is engaged in something, I only eat when hungry. I can even forget to eat.

The body is a mirror, always. It mirrors both our environment and mind, and the world we live in. It is a very important interface. Then where is the body tyrant people fear? The more we are present in the body, the more sensitive to this interface we become. You cannot draw closer to the body and further away from the mind, because the only division in reality is in our thinking. The body/world embraces all reality, and will show you what your mind really is.

I’ve discovered that my body can give me a first clue. I’ve learned to notice my body, and when it tenses I know to look for something in my mind/environment. Breath is a big clue. Even science has proven that your body and primitive brain respond well before your “conscious” or thinking brain even becomes aware anything happened.

Actually, this topic is making my body react. This is a good thing. How is it reacting? I feel my heart pounding like I am waiting for a doctor to come out and tell me I’m dying. Oh, I have even worse news, and for all of you. If you really embrace your body awareness, you will live. I know it’s terrible. The idea that you might actually have a full life… Much, too much to bear. :razz:

In fact, I don’t think death would be so terrible for me. Many fear a full life more then death. Well, I can offer a bit of insight. Take it for fantasy if you prefer, but death is not a disconnect, and a life half lived leads to a death much like the schizophrenics life. Your relationship with the former life is twisted, and then a guide has to help you find “immediacy” again. These kindly ones usually have to use fear, but yes, body awareness… How many here are alive today?

I’m more alive than I used to be. Excellent.

I am. I can feel it. Is there a way to know besides feeling it? Anyone? Is there a way to know you are alive besides feeling?

I know, because my body tells me so. Ah, feeling again.

The body tells me when I ‘m happy or sad, the mind just kind of follows it. Yes, which are measures of how engaged in life you are. Happy = very engaged. Sad = threat of disengagement.

If the body’s wisdom is so shallow, how come it’s so powerful? So much so that people will seek fear or pain just to feel like they are alive?

So those adrenaline junkies have a good thing? Actually, not really, unless they can equally embrace rest. Usually they can’t. It is an addiction brought on by compulsion, which arose in their mind and not from their body.

Brings to mind “comfortable in your own skin”. That’s a good phrase. Don’t get me wrong, embracing the adrenaline thrill can be quite enriching, but one should be able to embrace the balancing state with as much enjoyment.

Maybe that is why some folks can’t take all that excitement. They would be uncomfortably afraid. Yes, this is true. Too much feeling, and this would make them have to feel their own minds, which become twisted things through “common sense” and “reason”.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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