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Where’s the fire? Deep inside, as is the way of the dragon.

Two Powers of Essence in Body Awareness

Body Awareness

Does anyone find that the world seems to care for their opinion? These emotions and sensations you have judged bad, they just keep happening don’t they?

The world wants to influence your opinion with another? Hmm, only opinions want to influence your opinion. These opinions are called ego. The world itself cares only for your essence. It is one with your essence, and seeks to support your being at every turn.

So is your essence what makes you unique? Yes. It’s your relationship to the unity, your special place, and it has two very important powers.

  • Attention. Attention = incarnation. It’s a focus. It is why bodies exist.
  • Intention. Intention = emotion = motion, or the law of conservation, and our part in the growth of all. These are ours to choose. The power of choice is ours, but we are often told not to choose. That one choice is wiser than our choice about what we want. What is this? Why is it?

The leaders need order. Keep that economy humming. Yes, because their machine feeds their wants, their choice, and also their ego, and thus the leadership causes us all to suffer.

The machine being the citizens? To the leaderships view, yes. You are either a number on a file, or a number of dollars you generate. What does your body say about this? I would say that if we hear our body it wants to work. It wants to create. It wants to understand and express, but does the common wisdom help us do this?

It makes the body work hard to be heard by the leaders, so we are now over worked. Yes, because they control the resources. What we would need to create, are these resources legitimately theirs?

It’s amazing how many people are taking some kind of drug even if only aspirin. Yes. They are told they don’t need to understand the body. Just fix it and keep it running. Supposedly the body is unthinking, unknowing. If so, then what do we know without the body?

The body is like the Egyptian symbol of the Ankh. Both a symbol of the reproductive act, which we often deem base and animalistic, and a mirror. We live in a reality, but reject the one way mirror. We won’t let it even be one way, so we are instead blocked, and life seems a mystery, does it not? The world sees you, but you believe it does not. You see only the part of your being you have judged self most often, but you can see more. If you accept the concept of the enlightenment of the Buddha, he really only polished that same mirror we all have, and found a light to polish it by, and discovered that it wasn’t a mirror at all. What you, and what you are, are the same thing, and he could be in disharmony with none of it.

He had practiced austerities for a long time, because this was deemed the way to understanding, and he kept the company of “holy” men. Eventually he abandoned it, both the austerities and the traditional teachings, and he just listened to his body, not his ideas. To other beings and not their ideas. Eventually he spoke, because there is something more to this life and we don’t have to struggle to have it. We can have it right now, but can we without accepting the body? Can we accept the body by training?

The holy men wanted to starve the body. Buddha fed it when it was hungry. Indeed, he ate, but he didn’t strive to eat.

The body needs to train the mind, not the other way? Ideally, or the mind, in training, realize the truth of training and abandon training. What training gave the body its wisdom?

Connection to source? And with the gifts of the senses it grew in connection. By the wisdom of the senses a mind can grow to wholeness, and without striving, without seeking “purity”, shunning nothing, denying nothing. What virtue is there in denial?

It even feeds compassion for others. Indeed, if you will accept yourself it become easy to accept others. Effortless even, but if you must be fixed then everyone and everything must be fixed, but fixed to what end? To do what? Has your self image proven to be wisdom and given you peace or happiness?

Die? Yes. I prefer to live.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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