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You can nuture the spirit behind any circumstance and like anything nurtured it grows closer to you. It creates more events of its kind.

Our Bodies in Body Awareness

Body Awareness

How are you today?

  • Still Breathing. Breathing is good. :smile: I rather like it. Breathing and moving. So, we are all alive today?
  • And kicking. Oh, do indeed kick if it’s necessary. I enjoy marital arts. :smile:
  • In gratitude today, thank God. Excellent, remember to thank God is to be likewise grateful to yourself.
  • We thank ourselves all too infrequently. Yes. In my experience you either have gratitude or you have none, not some for one and none for another.
  • But the gratitude is usually for external things and not for oneself. True, and this is a mistaken orientation that causes huge and damaging confusion.

The bodies awareness or part in our awareness is often maligned. We distrust the body, or are told that we shouldn’t trust it. Mistrust is a choice, but choice implies movement and moves you in relationship to center.

I would offer that all this advice we get to not trust our bodies hurts us rather than helps. We generally attribute attitudes and behaviours to our body consciousness that aren’t a part of it, because they are a part of our idea of what it means to live in a body. People say things like “my body is ugly” or “my body always wants food”. These conclusions are not from the body’s awareness of itself.

I prefer to say we are always perfect. I agree we are always perfect, which feeds into today’s point very well. We are perfect, but think and judge that we are not.

Is anyone here wiser than the whole world? The world in all its diversity is well balanced by itself, perfectly what it is. How many here ever experience a sense of disconnection from their bodies? I myself do from time to time. It makes us suspicious of the mind body connection, but we need not be afraid or defensive.

In a way our bodies are truly ours. They are mirrors reflecting our essence in whatever way we are choosing to express ourselves, and we always are even if it’s just an adopted identity in some suffering. But in a way, our bodies are not ours. Who here originated their body of their own power? I didn’t shape this body all on my own, nor do I have the power to shape a body of my own accord. Is there not another element?

The part of me that did is one I am only now just coming to know. That part of you exists in oneness, and the wisdom of nature itself. The balance of life itself is in your body, not in your education or training. Who’s body gives them no information?

If we are part of it all then our own being should be able to understand it? Should be and is able. If I see you, this is natures wisdom in shaping my eyes. If I hear you, it’s likewise for my ears. All that we perceive stems from nature/God/the great spirit/life force. A wisdom transcending our own.

The soul? Yes, and yet we consider “our wisdom” higher than that of the body.

But not out of our reach to understand. No, it’s not out of our reach. Quite the opposite, it’s readily at hand. Hidden right under our minds in this very life we are living right here and now, or are we? I will ask this, who here is alive? How do you know? Do you just know you are alive? Is knowing enough to be alive? Feelings, impulses, these come before we are said to know anything at all, yet somehow “we” know better.

It takes the rest of “life” to let us know. We need a comparison. I cry and then I know I’m sad. Indeed. Include the body organism consciousness. We are the product of an information medium, a crystallization, or at least our bodies are. This organizing principle has been around for a very long time, and like it conserves energy it conserves information. Energy = information. They are literally the same thing, and from this information and a dialogue between soul and the world, our bodies take shape. Now memory has its purpose and even creativity, but we have something more grounded, more primary and immediate, yet we neglect or ignore it. Do we not?

Why do you think energy and information are alike? Energy is the potential to do work as defined by science, and energy exists in states of relation all the time. These patterns are the essence of energy, and all things actualize from this information. Perhaps for a metaphor we can use sound. More immediately a word, and with the word energy is given actualization, and the information patterns become more elaborate, more interrelated, more completely harmonized. As the Taoist say the thousand things stem from the one. The thousand things and the way of the body aren’t the source of evil. They aren’t mistaken. The information we get from the world itself is the voice of God, if you prefer.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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