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It is good to be all in one place, many people rarely are.

Event Bodies in Risk


I have spoken some on the concept of symbiogenesis before. Symbiogenesis happens when two organisms come together for their mutual benefit, combine their resources to support their mutual survival, and even biological research supports the observation that those mechanisms we normally think of as destructive, even predatory, actually are no such thing.

Like a hero and their sidekick? Yes, basically. A virus, as aggressive and seemingly predatory as it is, is actually seeking circumstances that will allow for optimal survival which means not killing the host. Even the predatory mechanism serves a symbiotic function, killing the weak and feeble so that the host species will produce optimized offspring.

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Events are just as material and “living” as objects are, but they exist as a cross or interpositional entity. Their “bodies” are formed by the combination of beings or objects involved in the event. Events consume energy and they even reproduce. We typically think of event reproduction as “causality.” In the case of the more intelligent event based beings, they can even produce experiences that we attribute to supernatural entities, like elementals and fairies, hauntings, things like that.

Can I breed them? How much can I get for a rare one on the open market? You do breed them, because everyone does, but your participation in the selection process is questionable.

I suppose that’s what good celebrities do, breed rare events to get rich.

What we do today breeds what happens tomorrow? Yes, exactly. And events will even act in self defence,  self-preservation, and they can differentiate from the parent entities that first gave rise to them. This is the origin of the “twelfth monkey” or critical mass effect.

So all this being at least figuratively true, why do we experience things as being “risky”? You would think that perfect harmony would be optimal for all beings involved, no?

Fear makes things risky to our perceptions. Things actually do have risk, and ignorance breeds fear. Fear as we know it. Fear as a social construct.

Why do they say high risk is high reward? Ah, because high energy events have high yield outcomes. Event entities with greater energy are more creative and productive, so increases the odds of our experiencing benefit from the outcomes generated.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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