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Every moment empty of your presence is a moment made sterile and fallow.

Incarnated Event Beings in Risk


What about the real selves? Ah, the real selves. I’m about to go into that.

Events are responsive entities, and because of the split between the perceived self and the actual self, events beings respond in ways that we might consider schizophrenic, even blatantly self-contradictory. If I smile at you and greet you with a warm tone of voice and then spontaneously smack you in the face, how would you respond?

Utter confusion.

Confusion and probably anger. Maybe even hit you back.

Puzzlement for sure.

And eventual resolution of my behaviour most likely by excluding me from contact with you? Do event beings behave any differently?

I might ask first what’s up. Why did you do that? Occasionally, event beings do even ask questions. We call these synchronicities when it seems like the situation has put things together in a meaningful communicative way like the presence of a set of objects structuring themselves to come across as words.

Is that like that question? If a tree falls and no one hears it does it make a sound? If a tree falls the falling tree event heard it, and the falling tree event has company. It communicates with the event entities that work together to set the rhythm of nature in that forest.

Do events ask rhetorical questions? They do, and we usually don’t like those questions, because they all amount to, “Who the hell do you think you are?!”

That exposes our fears about ourselves? It does, yes. Exposes the frailty of the perceived self. The true self is simple. We are incarnated event beings. We are event turned object.

Who is experiencing the event then? Your true self inherits its “DNA” from the collection of events that came together to result in your birth, and your ancestry goes all the way back to the circumstances that allowed any life at all to occur on this planet.

We’re experiencing ourselves? Yes. Every ounce of energy, every facet of probability that let a Seth occur, or a Wendy, or a John, come together to form our metaphysical bodies, and these grow the same as our organic bodies do, giving rise to new possibilities of thought and behaviour, and through that reproducing further events.

So risk is about possibilities? Yes, and distress arises from misunderstanding the body language of events.

If the cat growls at you and bears it teeth, do you pet it? We ourselves growl at and threaten events around us, and then wonder why they defeat our efforts and seem to deny contact.

Do we also have rabies? Yes. Rabies is bad karma, efforts. You threaten the possibility of a friendship by projecting the misleading behaviour of the perceived self, and then the possible friendship instead appears to be a new enemy. You threaten the possibility of financial success by projecting your perceived self-behaviour onto the sharing/exchange event, and then that group of events puts up walls or a bug zapper to exclude you.

How do we get our perception into alignment with our true self? Realize where the actual event you would seek to cause would come from. I am not saying there is nothing wrong ever. I promise I am not some Pollyanna trying to blow sunshine up your bum. You just need more accurate models. There is no energy separate from your energy. There are no events separate from your intention to act.

So, the stress you feel from your effort to preserve your self-image… Well, that’s an everyday event for most people, but does your actual self-benefit from this?

I am not talking about some otherworldly self. You know the actual self when you face a risk and discover you weren’t actually threatened. That enlivens our awareness of the true self, because it took a focus to break the habitual behaviour of the perceived self. We often even discover a vital part of ourselves that we didn’t even know existed, like discovering you are passionate about painting, though you always avoided it as silly in the past.

The reason you can discover these hidden potentials is because they were always part of you. They are who you truly are. It’s no different than discovering you have feet. They were just numb before because you were busy standing on your head and all the blood rushed to your ego.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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