'Risk' Chapter


Risk is the possibility of pain of one flavour or another. Each event has a face, and you evaluate these events by comparing them to an average face or average event, and deviation from this form or face registers as stress. Events are just as material and “living” as objects are, but they exist as a cross or interpositional entity. Their “bodies” are formed by the combination of beings or objects involved in the event. Distress arises from misunderstanding the body language of events.

Risks approached with respect behave as allies. Events have motivations, and risk management is just diplomacy. People manage risk badly because they fail diplomatically.

“Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something.” Frederick Smith

What is Risk?

I will start by asking, what is risk? A course of action that has a low probability of being successful. Acting despite any danger to your or someone else’s physical or spiritual being. Participating without knowing the results? Simply existing… Seek More

Threat Through a Filter

Our understanding of events as they happen, and thus by natural extension our understanding of our life experiences, is subject to a form of distortion. Do we change our perceptions? We change the object of our perception, even the pattern… Seek More

Event Bodies

I have spoken some on the concept of symbiogenesis before. Symbiogenesis happens when two organisms come together for their mutual benefit, combine their resources to support their mutual survival, and even biological research supports the observation that those mechanisms we… Seek More

Incarnated Event Beings

What about the real selves? Ah, the real selves. I’m about to go into that. Events are responsive entities, and because of the split between the perceived self and the actual self, events beings respond in ways that we might… Seek More

Failure Event

We do need to consider risk for the same reason we need to demonstrate empathy, because in the end it’s not about who wins or loses, but how the game was played. You don’t kick the ball to a member… Seek More

Get Ahead

The really successful don’t know any risks. They don’t perceive them. They just do stuff that amazes people. They perceive ways, and they are also notoriously charismatic because they perceive possibilities in people, too. These geniuses of creativity are what… Seek More