Life seems to deal in a quantum way, in whole units.

What is Risk? in Risk


I will start by asking, what is risk?

A course of action that has a low probability of being successful.

Acting despite any danger to your or someone else’s physical or spiritual being.

Participating without knowing the results?

Simply existing in space is a huge risk. We are always in danger of strikes from orbiting objects.

This is all true in one way or another. What this means is that everything is a risk. Simple statement but still true. But there is a subtle facet to this observation.

What is the difference between an event and an object?

An event involves objects in motion?

What is the difference between motion energy and matter energy?

Matter energy needs motion energy? Is that not like physics? They are the same.

Matter energy is perhaps motion energy but just less perceptible to the eye? Exactly.

Matter is denser. Yes. We do perceive matter to be denser, at least with some of our senses.

Now here is a simple observation. Your mind recognizes only things that are in keeping with its own nature. You recognize a familiar face by comparing it to an average face in your mind. This is why you can point out differences so easily. You perceive events in the same way. You aren’t naturally aware of events as movements of matter and energy.

Faces are what babies learn to see as their first pattern. Indeed. They love expressive faces. Expressive faces are clearer faces for them, thus inspire more security.

Do we have an event recognition function like we have a face recognition function? We use the same function, so bingo. We don’t even use separate systems, same one, and we detect trouble by calling on a set of samples that our instincts tell us indicate trouble.

So people that can’t discern faces also can’t discern events? They can’t in the same way we do. They are left with strictly associative analysis, conceptualization, rather than the simulation we experience as an event.

It must be very hard for them. Yes, it is, because they still experience pain. Risk is the possibility of pain, of one flavour or another. The mind doesn’t really distinguish between what we might consider abstract forms of pain, like shame or worry, and physical pain, like from a broken limb. They register in essence as the same thing.

Some pain is pleasurable like the adrenaline rush. Some love it some don’t. Perspective on experience can change, but the mechanism of experience doesn’t really change drastically in any person’s lifetime. It would require a compromise of vital life functions that a person could not endure.

So what does this mean for the case of risk? Events generate a “body language.” Each event has a face, and you evaluate these events by comparing them to an average face or average event, and deviation from this form or face registers as stress.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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