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Time has been very expansive, and consciousness came well before humanity.

Wiser Than The Planet? in Body Awareness

Body Awareness

Who here is wiser than the whole planet? It‘s a very important question.

Wiser than the planet? The planet of people you mean? No, the whole planet. The people planet isn’t whole or wise.

I think the planet is wise about itself. Oh, indeed it is, and our body comes from it. Our body is the living manifestation of its wisdom, and yet we often refuse to listen to it or let it live. It has to be on a mind leash.

Alan Watts says something about that… like an apple tree that apples… the planet peoples. Oh, it peoples, and trees, and animals, and even crystallizes. It’s a genius of creation, and yet we think our little brains know better than our bodies, and teach that we can’t have our bodies and our spirits at the same time. If this is so, how did our spirits come to be present here, ever? The planet seems really good at balancing things, does it not?

I heard an intellectual say that he became a spiritual person when he realized that the mind was not always the right tool for the job. Certainly the mind would be useless without the nerves and cells to house it. A large portion of what we call mind does need the brain, and the parts of the mind that don’t need the brain are still linked to the bigger order as well, just in a different way.

How does the mind stay put inside the brain? Why doesn’t it float away? It doesn’t float away. It just changes state, and well, then it occasionally has to deal with the “living” speculating whether it’s an intelligent or non intelligent haunt. :razz:

Why is it in the brain and not the bottom? I read that medieval people believed that the mind was in the heart. I wonder if that feels different from believing it’s in the brain? It does, and the medieval cultures accepted their body more as a vessel of cosmic truth as well.

Science is learning that the mind is throughout the body in nerves/chemicals/etc. Yes. Your cardiac nerve plexus is not much more simple in structure than your brain, and even seems to be directly linked to your “first brain”.

Bruce Lipton says that thought occurs in the cell membrane rather than in the nucleus. Cell membranes are psycho-reactive. This is why I get frustrated with my body some. The “defect” is limiting.

And of course the power of suggestion on the body supports these ideas. Yes. You don’t see the world clearly, and it’s not because the mind is all powerful. That’s a delusion. It’s because you don’t see all of the mind. You don’t see all of your awareness, and indirectly the mind is a source of immense power. It is a locus of intelligence/organizing force that has an incredibly important role to play, but people reject this in favour of a dream state.

Easier to wish than do? Harder actually, but it seems easier because we are well trained. We are told that all we can do is wish, and then do another’s “wishes”. There are those who understand the reality a bit better than the average person, and even they only understand it a bit better, but this little bit makes a huge difference. These weak and jaded souls now shape our world, but still stop short of full awareness, and thus we powerfully kill ourselves. Are we having fun yet?

These souls are characterized by their indulgences. By seeing the big picture and partaking of whatever they want just because they want to, and they do see their connection to the world, if just dimly. It’s enough to make them very destructive, and yet we prefer to avoid responsibility. Response ability. Where is our response ability?

The will to act? And where is this will to act/live?

Our body. Yes. Nature and our nature. You need not postulate some metaphysical dimension removed from our own. The world is very deep all by itself, and we are just as deep, and yet we stay in that shallow little corner we are told is our mind, because it’s “our duty”. We have to keep filling our role. An idea that was given to us by someone else, our boss, and those who can influence us most.

TV. Yes, and they can influence us because we chose to ignore our response ability, not because we are embracing it.

Rome established the pax romanum or Roman peace by means of bread and circuses. Bread and circuses worked because people are afraid of fear. They feared Rome. They feared the wider world. They feared for the life they understood, so readily accepted another. The Roman leadership was just using this realization, and our current leaders use it too. Too clever for their own good, because our leaders fear too. They don’t understand what leads to revolution. They don’t see why the leadership can’t endure forever. It’s very simple. These “evil” bodies we have? Eventually, the distress of being caged in by that leadership drives us mad, even if we have our basic needs met. We are “whole” beings and need to be these whole beings.

We wake up? We ideally would wake up, but more like half awake so far in human history. Fitful stirring and action so we can go back to sleep. We “hit” the snooze button. We perform a “hit” on a leader so they won’t bother us further.

The Matrix metaphor was very apt, but there are both options. The blue pill, medicine, bread and circuses, the next consumer fad, or the red pill, the rush of your own blood, the movement with your instincts, embracing the power of life within you, being a body in this world and able to respond to this world. The red pill is scary, but it is an option. It’s the choice given Neo in the Matrix. He could take the blue pill and wake up believing whatever he wants to believe, or take the red pill and actually see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I get the feeling we’ve taken both pills! That’s possible too. But the red pill is a permanent decision, a commitment, and eventually the blue pill wears off, and the red pill has the permanent consequence of putting you in the world. So, if you really are happy with your sleep, then my friend sleep tight. I will try not to disturb you too much, but if you are sick of sleeping then there are other things to talk about.

My teacher says I can’t wake you up, but I can disturb your sleep. Oh true, people can be comatose. In that case, it’s not a good thing to stress them too much. I am the poisoner who shouldn’t be suffered to live, or live as you do at least. I’m ok with that. Eventually you will join me. :grin:

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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