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Animal’s Motivation to Heal in Animal Guides

Animal Healers

Perhaps what motivates animals to heal? They have only a limited understanding of medicine, but animals do have a rudimentary understanding of medicine as well as tools. They have found that chimpanzees deliberately select certain plants when they are experiencing stomach upset or other distress, and different items at different times. If that’s not basic medicine, what is?

Sounds like medicine to me.

They know to clean/lick a wound. Yes, many animals clean their wounds, some even bathe them, and some even practice surgery. A few sea creatures come to mind in that last case.

Intuitive awareness. Yes.

They used to think that a crab didn’t experience pain, and that’s why it would tear an injured limb off. They have proven this to be absolutely false. Losing a limb hurts, and they will still rip it off. They do regenerate, so it’s not an impractical behaviour. Salamanders can deliberately break off their own tail just through biological means. Honestly, I think they have more of a grasp on the heart of healing than humans do.

I believe most humans are brainwashed by their cultures but some are still in link with their intuition.

So what motivates an animal to heal others?

It could be instinct, intuition. Intuition certainly. Animals feel the song.

A sense of unity in the ecosystem? Yes. You have it, and disease and distress beyond immediate survival need threatens every species. Their deepest desire is to correct this if they can, if they feel safe with the being that needs healing which often for humans is a negative. Humans tend to seem crazy, but not always, and every human when very fatigued seems more safe to deal with. This is why animals often wait till that stage though in those cases another human often stops them from interacting with the hurt or sick person thinking it’s a sanitation issue or something.

Animals heal through two possible techniques. For lack of a better word, I guess you could call them that.

Perhaps the most common is mirroring. They know what kind of impact their behaviour will have on your body. Have you ever had an animal look you in the eyes long enough to get your attention, then promptly yawn, stretch and lay down? They will even repeat this if they think you weren’t paying enough attention, get back up on the feet, maybe even vocalize, then yawn stretch and lay down. They are making your body mirror the relaxation response because it is healing.

The second method, and perhaps even more strange (they have proven this in labs even though they are ignoring it), your neurons can’t tell the difference between a signal from your brain or another brain. It doesn’t matter. They are simple single celled organisms and a recognizable signal is recognized no matter what. Dolphins use this technique to heal their own. They will huddle near a sick or injured member of their pod even when it otherwise would seem impractical, almost as if they were forming a ring of their bodies sort of like our MRI machines. The animal healer then does for your body part what you yourself won’t do, and they do not know why. This is why they get confused. They regulate the processes in the sickened or injured region with their own life rhythms. They overlap their song on yours.

That happens when we pet our dogs and cats? Yes, and is also why they sometimes seem to be resistant to being petted, even the most friendly companion animal. If you sense as well to them, but your energy is too noisy, they prefer to just let you have your way but they don’t want to feel it. Other times they actually reverse the flow of energy, and rather than being the object of your petting, they crawl into your lap, invade your body space which lets them control the exchange of energy between you a bit better. They calm you despite your own belief that you know best.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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