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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

New Harmony can Arise and Evolve in Animal Guides

Animal Healers

Though humanity has taken a less than harmonious stance toward nature in general, animals have been listening to our song. Many have learned to imitate parts of it; birds making machine noises or imitating our music, animals learning at least the simple parts of operating our machines, how to operate levers. Some have even learned how to adapt and find homes in our otherwise harsh environments, raptors nesting in sky scrappers and feeding on pigeons for example. A new harmony can arise and itself evolve.

And raccoons in suburbs. Indeed, coyotes now also. They are finding burrows in our infrastructure, storm drains and the like.

The world can heal, and we won’t have to give up our science and technology entirely for it to do so, just the parts that ignore the song, that ignore the rule of life, and these parts hurt humanity as much as they do other species. The predominance of mental illness as a concern in human health and well-being doesn’t arise from biological or chemical factors, nothing so simple as that. It stems from the lexicon of nature being denied. The very same language that we derived our own ability to speak from.

Scientists now can identify the roots of our own language in the vocalizations of other species. Regions of our brain function in the same manner when we speak as they do in the comparable portion of other species brains.

A dramatic example… There is a form of brain injury in humans that can deprive them of the ability to speak normally. It hasn’t damaged their cognitive functions. They still reason normally but cannot speak as we do. The weird thing is they can still sing. What do you think of that? Using the bird song portion of their brains recovers their language.

Reminds me of a kid I knew as a child. He stuttered horribly when speaking, but could sing normally and well!

This happened to my mother in law when she had a stroke.

They teach these people to sing their sentences. They of course eventually recover normal speech, or have a high potential to do so.

Where does the bird brain come from? Where is it located? Our evolutionary ancestry. It’s just on top of our spinal cord and corresponds to our wakefulness, our motor nerve coordination, and routes any stimuli on to our emotional brain.

There is a scientist now, and I agree with him from my experience, who says that consciousness starts in the spinal cord. There is some basis to back him up. They have devised a therapy, and are having some remarkable success with it, that relies on the fact that basic movements and behaviour patterns are stored in the spinal cord. So the birds brain would experience emotion also, just more elemental than our own. As that parrot said to it’s scientist handler as it was dying, “I love you. Be good.” Very simple.

Just watch an angry bird pecking at its image in a mirror some time. ANGRY! Indeed, they can get angry, and confused, and fearful. It just gets more elaborate on its way up through the brain.

So, senses come first, and brain evolves to process those senses? Motion comes first, senses evolve to fine tune motion, and motion = emotion. So ultimately emotion comes first, love comes first.

So, shall we get to animal interaction in the more specific sense? Have I covered the general field adequately?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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