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I think therefore I think. I think too much. Egad! I can’t stop thinking.

The Whole Ecosystem Sings in Animal Guides

Animal Healers

Today, we are talking about animals as healers. We live in a world that is still alive fortunately, and before much of the change humanity would come to bring into the world, life was the primary rule.

Every living thing is a part of a greater whole. An ecosystem is not itself an organism, but it is a body of consciousness, and by that I mean it is a domain of conscious experience shared between all member species.

We, specifically as human organisms, didn’t evolve in a bubble all on our own. Every phase of our evolution, especially in the earlier ages, took place alongside other animals, occurring hand in hand with them. When life is good in the forest there is more peace among the beings living there. When the land has grown more barren and water more scarce, the sensitivity between species begins to break down. How would you describe the conditions that arise when humanity builds a city?

Noise and bustle.

Scarcity for the animal species, if any are left.

The land becomes dryer, hotter and considerable more barren. Scarcity for some species. The death eaters, those who feed on waste and death, tend to survive well enough, and even that is a blessing for us despite the general rejection of such a notion among most people. The presence of visible food becomes considerable restricted.

Mice, rats, cockroaches, insects…

I was commenting on the ancestral rule of life and how that has changed in the modern age, or how people choose to perceive it has having changed. In many ways, in the name of progress, we are building and living in our own graves, because our own basic instinctive nature has not changed.

Animals still live according to the rule of life. They have not created for themselves roles to fill in an effort to replace the ecosystem and its relationships with something else, so they remain better able at regulating their own life energy than we are. Our own social system, the so called real life we are all forced into to one degree or another, is sterile of any real instinct, any natural intuition. In human society does anything really make you centre your attention on your relationships? Pay attention to them at all really?

No. I’m reminded of an old boss of mine who was shocked when his wife asked for a divorce. He didn’t see it coming.

For animals everything is about relationships and is part of the reason they react with such tension toward some humans and not others. It’s when a human being is intensely inured in the anxiety driven behaviour of social roles, they register as crazy to the animal, maybe diseased, and their self preservation instinct leads them to avoid that or drive the person off.

As a hermit living in a forest, I feel more “relationship” with trees, rabbits, chipmunks, and birds than with humans.

Some would say that predation denies inter-species empathy. I offer that this is very far from true. There are two patterns of relationship in any ecosystem.

At rest, there is a field of perception, a song. It isn’t just birds that sing, the whole ecosystem sings, each animal moving through its rhythms and according to the energies of time and space and the land around them. They even marvel at the regularity of these cycles in scientific observation, but just like music this song is punctuated by percussion, the slamming heart beat of hunger or fear. The drive to self preservation is present in both predator and prey. There is no evil in this, and the predation still keeps time with the music of the land, of the ecosystem, with only temporary and interspersed interruptions.

Well, as things stand, humans have stopped dancing. They are busy instead draining the punch bowl. They barely listen to the song anymore.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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