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Become Aware of the Bottom Up in Revelation


How do you know you are about to do something?

Bottom up sensation coming before the thought of doing it comes. This is why more revelations come when you have a meditation practice? We’re becoming more aware of the bottom up? Yes. It is also what they mean when they speak of feeling at one with the universe. Your awareness feels the same as your thinking.

“Cosmic consciousness”… Your old style of thinking kind of disappears in this broader focus, yet you as a being don’t vanish really. Instead, you come to understand yourself differently. The world references you.

This is how it changes your life. Yes. You become the person who sees rather than the person who thinks. The person who knows and remembers rather than the person who learns and attempts to change things, and you can come to see what Taoists called the Te. This is perhaps the practical functional side of revelation. You see what things are, and because of your environmental awareness you see connections organically, things as they might be of their own nature.

I have to admit I tend to disregard a lot of the sentiment people express in so called new age and spiritual circles, but it’s not that I don’t believe that what they are saying has any validity. It’s where there head is at. They are enraptured with their so called mystical experience and never seem to let themselves really have it. They just seem to have emotions about it and they don’t seem to learn much if anything useful from it. I hope I don’t seem like that in classes.

My “revelations” (3 of them) were extremely valuable in enabling me to continue living. The “revelations” seem to have built upon the last, in layers. Yes, because they are key reference points in a genuine reality, but this reality isn’t revealed through any process of thinking about it or even having feelings about it. It transcends both. The feelings are good, totally natural, but they aren’t the substance of the reality that you experienced.

Hence they use the term a ‘knowing.’ It’s a combination. A combination and more, but the combination state is a fine starting point, a necessary sense. You have to see before you can move or do. With normal thinking, we see things and think about what we can make of them. In the revelation experience, we see things and realize what they make of us.

I felt that in each case, something of a crisis was going on, and something deeper (the world beneath this world) took over and led me through it in ways I could not have imagined. Exactly.

There was/is definitely a sense of “largeness”, cosmic largeness, about each of them beyond my supposed “capacity” to think it up. Yes, it’s my favourite world to live in. I have to try to live in this one we share, but I prefer that one.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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