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Divination is creative revelation.

Bottom Line in Friendship


What is the human bottom line? Does anyone know?

Is it the same or different for each person? Same. Is that what comes out in distress when people start to cooperate? Yes.

The human bottom line is humans, but actually it can go deeper. The human bottom line is life, not love, not hate, not ambition or apathy. All the range of human behaviour is the only source of meaning.

If you would have wisdom, you can have it only from one source. You don’t get to pick and choose. Any idea of how things are, that you build and doesn’t embrace life as it is and human beings as they are, will inevitably fail and will fail repeatedly. It doesn’t matter how you color it. It doesn’t matter what flavour it has, peaceful or dramatic, dark or bright and sunny. Are you tired yet? I never had the ability to make these models myself, but have you really enjoyed living in them? Has recreation fixed anything? How often can you re-create before you lose your mind and even worse your spirit?

When I was young, I was seen as very strange. I would befriend the attractive and approved of, and the despicable and deranged. For me, there was no difference. The unwashed young man who doesn’t know how to avoid picking a fight is still human. Above all, he wants to be understood and is picking fights only to preserve what little he has of a social image. He becomes fiercely loyal when he understands that he is not being threatened in that way. The socially popular girl who is secretly anxiety ridden and insecure, who actually just wants to be able to cry in front of someone and not feel like she will be shamed, becomes equally loyal.

Did he defend you from other bullies? He did indeed. The young woman who couldn’t bring herself to divest from the social image game though, would come to betray me, then later seek my counsel and support only to betray me again. This happened a handful of times in our friendship, and ultimately didn’t matter to me.

The feeling of being used is inaccurate? The idea of being used is inaccurate. I had to act on my nature and my sense of empathy leads me to comfort and provide understanding when someone presents me with genuine grief.

You didn’t feel the betrayal painfully? I felt pain from it. But I feel pain from everyone, constantly. There is no ground for distinction. This is why I seem so reserved, calm, even cold at times. It’s not because I am in control or untouched. It’s because the strategy just doesn’t work. Insult me to my face. Your hostile intention may hurt my feelings, but ultimately it won’t matter, and in time your nature will assert itself. Inevitably, everyone’s does.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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