Subjectivity and objectivity form two facets of a body of experience provided by a web of energy potential and actualized. That has characteristics independent of the individual observer.

Teachings from Mayan and Hawaiian Cultures By Malana Ashlie in Guest Articles

Malana Ashlie

I left Hawaii to live in Honduras in an effort to lessen the distance between me and my family in the Midwest, and to move further from a conventional lifestyle. Prayer, meditation and imaging brought a buyer for our home and a new home in Honduras and subtle energy skills and projection gave me the destination.


Being spiritual makes things easier. Spiritual is realizing that you are not separate from everything else. As a student of subtle energy I see the world as energy. Not that I necessarily SEE all the fields of energy but in my understanding of their functions I have learned to work within them. Energy flows in a pattern, like a current of water, and moving with that pattern we experience less resistance in bringing about the things we want.

As to the adjustment: I describe in my book Gringos in Paradise and more so in my new publication SHIFT: A 5th Dimensional Approach… ways that helped prepare my husband and me for transitioning from a first world country into an underdeveloped one. The time spent in the lower economic area around Hilo with learning the culture of our Hawaiian born friends helped prepare us for many differences. In areas where money is scarce, relationships take the priority. I see that as one of the many similarities between Honduras and the Big Island of Hawai’i. One is the friendly, happy attitude of the people. They are kind and do their best to support my efforts to learn Spanish. My Spanish vocabulary consisted of three words when I arrive: hola, adios and muchas gracias; but those are probably the three most important … hello, goodbye and thank you. But did all of that make the change easy???

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There were mornings when I would walk down the stairs into the yard, thanking my Creator for the life I was living; then there were other mornings when I would descend the same stairs asking how much longer do I need to do this?

Erasing Old Wounds

Wounds of the past are a chronic condition; my specialty. One of my steps in guiding people from those limitations is to look for the core problem. It will never be found through the eyes of a victim. I had to recognize how much pain those who hurt me were in. It’s similar to a toddler having a temper tantrum and slapping its mother. The action is not vindictive nor one of rejection. Realizing the child is not feeling well or possibly needs a nap allows the episode to pass without attaching importance. Regardless of what was done to us, it will never be about us.

The teachings of the Mayans are not very different from those of the Hawaiians. The people of red skin call each other brother. Their cultural traditions have many similar core values. Gratitude and forgiveness/acceptance are probably the greatest. I put acceptance and forgiveness together because they both express the same values.

The fire ceremony of the Mayan is an expression of gratitude. It follows the days of their 13 day calendar. Starting on the current day, the name of each day is given and honored with what it symbolizes to the Maya. One day might be dedicated to parents, one to crops, or cattle, children, and seed. Gifts of myrrh, resin made from banana skins, and other flammables are thrown into the fire as gifts, giving back to Great Spirit as their essence is carried to the heavens in the smoke. Hawaiians may not hold fire ceremonies but they have chants and rituals that express gratitude to the demi-gods of the volcanoes, ocean and crops. To the Hawaiians everything has a spirit and their lives include an intimate relationship with those spirits: acknowledging and honoring them.

I run workshops that teach soul healing and how to weave dreams into reality. One of my workshops, a one-day event, is called Awakening the Goddess Within. It teaches participants to energetically make changes in their physical environment. In understanding how the fields of energy work, simple blessings, rituals or other actions can change the frequency of the foods they eat or their work environments. They are not reading minds or changing other people but are making a subtle shift as the flow of energy passes to create a different reality. It is a very empowering workshop. I teach them about and how to use applied kinesiology. This lets them calibrate changes that are happening but may still be unseen by the human eye. One of which is to change the vibration of a piece of chocolate. Most people will test weak for chocolate, because no matter how much we love it, our modern processed milk chocolate confection is not health building. Once participants learn to change the frequency of the candy it eliminates the harmful affect it held. Most everyone likes that lesson.

Energy is everywhere and in everything.

There are fields or patterns flowing in, around and through us. I compare their motion to water but relate their influence in our lives as similar to icebergs floating in the ocean. We only see a small amount above the water, the greatest portion is unseen. Being unseen does not mean that it has no effect.

Human kind has had knowledge of this for centuries. Religions are filled with rituals and ceremonies that connect the physical realm with the unseen world of spirit. Prayer is one of those rituals. Over the last 50 years we have begun to move into an awakening and awareness of what was once considered occult or secret teachings. Martial arts, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Feng Shui, the healing practices of the First Nations peoples of North America, and the Polynesians have entered our everyday lives. Quantum Physics, kirlian photography along with the scientific research done with water and plants is bringing about a greater understanding of the spiritual connection that exists between each of us and every other life force on the planet. What was old is new again.

Thinking Outside the Box

Can one teach themselves to think outside the box? I did, and if I can anyone can learn. Our teachers and parents pass on what was given to them. However those truths become outdated and ineffective over time. For hundreds of years the world was flat and the Earth was the center of the Universe. It was taught to students and deemed against the law to say anything otherwise. When you were 3 years old it was against the rules for you to cross the street without holding an adults hand- but that is no longer your reality either.

When you find yourself unhappy, frustrated, or angry it’s an indication that you are trying to make something work that is no longer effective in your life. It is time to step outside of the emotional attachment and look at the situation as an observer. Step back and imagine, if this was your best friend, brother, or sister going through this distress, what would your advice to them be? Now you’ve begun to think outside the box.

Malana Ashlie
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive

Malana holds degrees in naturopathy and herbal sciences with a PhD in Metaphysics. She is a student of subtle energy as well as an adept at the Hermetic teachings of the Kybalion. She has been privileged to study with traditional Elders of Mayan and Hawaiian cultures as well as teachers of sacred traditions of the three Americas.

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