The alienation of sudden death tends to warp the mind of the recently departed. The desire for the life they lost is heartbreaking, maddening even.

Dealing with Negativity in Dissonance


Dissonance, as in different notes or tones conflicting, is the concept.

Spirituality is often compared to music metaphorically, but in many ways it’s not strictly metaphor. Many people speak of spiritual presence as being like a voice or sound, and we each of us contribute to this. We each make more of an impact on the spiritual atmosphere than many people are aware. Some people croon a soothing tone and bring people comfort. Some people are constantly generating a cacophonous screech and are often avoided though the people who shy away from them may not know why. And as they say, you rise or fall according to the company you keep. That isn’t a formulaic process. We each have different tolerance levels. Ability to endure true to ourselves. But over time, with negative exposure, our strength inevitably wanes.

How do we deal with this? There are many ways really and you needn’t shun someone just because their balance is currently negative, but you do need to be mindful. Because the law of sympathy (as often as it’s disparaged in “rationalistic” circles) does tend to crop up. You do have to decide in the context of your own well being. You cannot uplift another if you have fallen yourself and it’s important to be honest. We find much strength in our spiritual practices and affiliations, but our strength still has limits.

People often ask how frequently they should meditate? How and in what way should they pray? But there is no flat answer to that. This changes according to our needs, to our contacts in life. It may be that a friend in genuine need approaches you and you deeply care for them and would not abandon them. Pray more, meditate more. It could be that your life is going fine and you aren’t unduly taxed and your energy level is high. In those instances, it may be better to focus on a creative outlet which is likewise enriching for the soul and should not be neglected in favour of maintenance practices.

The spiritual life is every bit as broad as the “non-spiritual”. Interesting distinction, but some people make it. Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense to me. People say they don’t want to drown themselves in spirituality. But I think in that case they mean to say they don’t want to drown themselves in “practices” and become the disengaged spiritual hermit. Some claim this is an act of love for humanity. In my opinion, it’s a reactive form of “sanitized” misanthropism.

Many people, in the name of spiritual principles, withdraw. They attempt to transcend the life the rest of us live. They believe that this somehow lessens the impact of drama, if you will. Maybe. I don’t know. It’s my experience that the ascetic caste, even as it exists today, has abandoned its original purpose. Many mistake asceticism for being cloistered.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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