'Dissonance' Chapter


When you see how life fails, you see its success more clearly. This is why I follow a left handed path spiritually. That and natural disposition.

I paraphrase a famous quote, ‘nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so’. But it is also how we see it. I dwell now. Here in the now.

“If you are content with the old world, try to preserve it, it is very sick and cannot hold out much longer. But if you cannot bear to live in everlasting dissonance between your beliefs and your life, thinking one thing and doing another, get out of” Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Dealing with Negativity

Dissonance, as in different notes or tones conflicting, is the concept. Spirituality is often compared to music metaphorically, but in many ways it’s not strictly metaphor. Many people speak of spiritual presence as being like a voice or sound, and… Seek More

Being Out of Place

That sense of dissonance, of being out of place, is important now more than ever. It can serve as a motivator for change. This system we now have, how is it ok? Why should it be allowed to exist without… Seek More

What can we do?

We have become very lazy expecting everything to be explained and researched for us. Science claims to have avoided metaphysical speculation and this is one of the major lies of science. It isn’t malicious, but it also isn’t true. They… Seek More


Today, we are continuing the topic of dissonance. I will cover in more detail the place of dissonance in our lives and how it relates to our perception of even simple day to day things. What is dissonance? Dissonance is… Seek More

Harmony and Dissonance in Play

At any given time in your life, no matter how peaceful your life might seem to be, you have both harmony and dissonance in play. And the effort to totally eliminate either would disrupt the one you have decided in… Seek More

Forced Correction

I find I get angry at the things I didn’t say rather than what I had the guts to say. Indeed. It’s easier to accept facts of existence than it is to accept self-negation brought about by the confusion society has… Seek More

Accept Your Failings

Anyone familiar with Zen sand gardens? To use the Zen sand garden metaphor, the rocks could be said to represent those upsetting weaknesses in our personal character. They are rough, heavy and virtually immovable, and though the sand between is… Seek More

Mirror of Your Own Treasures

I will offer one of my own rocks for consideration. No matter what I say and do, I never feel like I have really connected with other people. I always feel like I say something wrong or something boring or… Seek More