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Contemplating god/the gods is an excellent practice. It structures our perception of our narrower lives in a useful way. Even if your highest principle is an abstract notion, it serves the same purpose.

Being Out of Place in Dissonance


That sense of dissonance, of being out of place, is important now more than ever. It can serve as a motivator for change.

This system we now have, how is it ok? Why should it be allowed to exist without disturbance? Maybe those of us who are out of synch, owe it to the people in the system to be that dissonant factor. There seems to be an overriding ennui. People are acclimated.

Why is the Indigo phenomenon arising now, and yet it is just seen as an anomaly? Children to be nurtured by the current spiritually enlightened set? Maybe there is more to learn? Maybe the breakdown in the collective spirit exists because many traditions are no longer adequate to meet human spiritual need for growth and adaptation? Dissonance can lead to a new harmony. The greater cycle is never compromised.

In the Hindi reckoning we are entering a new age. Ultimately, we are human and even if we differ from orthodox views, we cannot ignore the fact that those views arose for a reason. They existed for a reason that means something to us all.

Why do we have to “claim” enlightenment? I think claiming enlightenment is not something we have to do. It isn’t a static that we can arrive at, it’s a state of awareness.

Humans have a remarkable capacity for resistance. The Taoists say that which goes against the Tao cannot stand. Can anyone enlighten me as to why so much feet dragging is going on?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Nishkam Prem

    feet dragging is result of awareness which can be posity or negative that depends upon relative physical or mental capacity of involved persons without considering morality that treditionally customised with awareness.
    enlightement is not mearely a stat of awareness. enlightement includs understanding, awareness, highest physical and mental capacity detachment desirelessness contentment and peace of mind.

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