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Life is lived in moments.

What can we do? in Dissonance


We have become very lazy expecting everything to be explained and researched for us. Science claims to have avoided metaphysical speculation and this is one of the major lies of science. It isn’t malicious, but it also isn’t true. They have put forth an irresponsible view that we can ignore the ‘why’ and focus only on the ‘what’. There are those in that community who depart from their peers in this regard, but the impact of their science without a metaphysical understanding has not been easy on us.

We are all aware of the consensus. It’s supposedly ennobling to share this knowledge. This shared knowledge is a good thing, but since when does this collective knowledge replace individual thought? It’s like since we have this shared body of knowledge and technology, that we are not responsible as individuals anymore. Someone else will understand for us. Why is this?

I think it’s in part why the seniors in our community have some of the issues they do, like cyber phobia. They knew a life where science was the promise of a brighter future and they just sort of retired intellectually. Now science has left them lost, in some ways making their lives harder not easier. I am not faulting our seniors. Some have just not had a chance. They have been treated as obsolete, like we do our technology. They aren’t. They are just as capable of unique thought as we are and some more so. They have more to draw on. Experience really can bring wisdom if the individual takes responsibility for it.

So, really, even in dissonance there is potential. When things seem too complicated, I would put forth that is only a seeming. Often paradox resolves itself if you take the responsibility of tackling it. There is a reason for any seeming contradiction in life. It’s mostly that life is dynamic and not a strictly definable static.

We are told our priorities should be a certain set of things, but by ignoring others we often stumble or loose our ability to handle the commonly accepted priorities. There is an almost coercive drive in society at large to make us accept things, to buy things. The idea we need what they say we need, and need to know what they say we need to know.

I don’t bother with the news. Regrettably even literature has become rather mass market, because so many people are fed up with video as a media stream. They are aggressive like that. I read a lot of the “new age” literature and find myself, to be honest, a bit disgusted. It is full of buzz words and pop psychology and often one book on ‘manifestation’ for example is not really any different from another. The “new age” stuff is ok for a starting point, but hopefully it won’t be where people stop.

So what can we do? Myself I blog. I draw inspiration from discussions and thoughts of others. Perhaps more awareness of the seekers around you? For as a genuine seeker you do have something to share with your peers. Please do. It’s very much needed. Support your brother and sister. It’s very easy to get lost in the media.  The word ‘warrior’ is very appropriate. Buddhist monks have engaged in wars, both physical and spiritual. I am not advocating telling someone else what to think, but encouraging the questioning, the seeking. Spiritual liberation isn’t dogma. We can only hope to inspire others to think for themselves again. If they find a teaching adequate for their needs, then don’t pester them. It isn’t anyone’s place, but I have met many who are in a dogmatic mindset and don’t rest easy in it. They aren’t at peace. They suffer and have no understanding yet as to the reason why. It’s what motivated the Buddha. His people were very religious. His own caste was part of the dogma, and he abandoned it.

There is a saying, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” My own spiritual path fills my life to overflowing, yet I chop wood and carry water. I live my life, do my errands. I just see no separation between my spiritual life and my “mundane” life. I just live as I am moved to. It isn’t a big thing requiring much learning, but I have acquired learning because I was moved to.

So, perhaps you can share your thoughts today? :smile: Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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