Bravery is not a virtue, it’s a decision.

Secret of Grounding in Grounding


Remaining grounded, sort of like an electrical circuit. It’s a very broad topic. Every world tradition has spoken of it and its necessity in one form or another.

Honestly, if you aren’t pursuing “spiritual practices”, there is a tendency in life to get scattered. To get seriously out of touch with the basics of life itself and the core of who you are. Often times, it isn’t inquiry or meditation that confuse us as some think can happen. It’s inadequate inquiry.

Consideration… We can get so caught up in our normal daily thinking that we forget that life is really going on around us. We are trained into putting our learned behaviours and skills ahead of those basic contact points that nature provided us with, and lose touch with even the simple signals that our body and minds send us. That we are stressed to our limits. That we are drained and at risk of falling ill.

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Today, the biggest threats to health aren’t viruses or even injury. It’s repetitive stress syndromes. People say if they keep on top of their work and paid up on their bills, they are in touch with reality. In general, I would disagree. They work, but without a considered why. Just because it’s what they’re supposed to do and will hold a job because they “have to”. Even if it winds up not only with them losing this job, but perhaps losing any ability to work from illness or injury. Brought about by a failure to consider the simple things their body/mind/heart tells them.

It’s often put forward that being internally grounded means you avoid flights of fantasy. My observation is that this is not true. The “real world” as people embrace it is more a fantasy than it is a reality, and it isn’t even a very uplifting one. In seeking to find a ground for your spirituality, there are more considerations then what you have been told as being “realistic”.

Honestly, how many people who supposedly have their heads on straight in your lives really avoid outbursts or breakdowns? And when they lose it where are their “down to earth” values for them? Can they find strength in how they live? They say they stay focused and abstain from childish things thinking this is somehow a virtue, but who are the resilient ones in this world? Is it not these “immature” children? It is those who are grounded.

The secret of grounding is not to find a state of being you never knew before. It’s getting back to where you started in the first place. It’s taking all this grown up experience and “wisdom” and remembering why you started to learn anything anyway. Children don’t ask a lot of why. They ask “What is that?”, and “Who are you?”, not “Why should I?” They just engage life. As they mature and learn from us that is when they learn to ask why.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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