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If you believe you exist because of what you do, then every moment you are unrealized.

Stop And Be in Grounding


We all have an inner Sage. This is why the Tao is also called the Great Mother. We are all family in the light of existence itself. It’s why you have the gift of understanding. Not by any self generated power can you understand a child. Not by any self will can you be born, and not by any self will can you know peace.

Will is free, thus your argument is invalid. Will is free, so your thoughts cannot map reality. Will is free, and thus you can choose to limit and define your perceptions. You make for yourself one map, and then get upset when reality has another. Have you experienced reality mapping against your will?

If I listen to realities map, it will tell me that no amount of thinking will keep me safe from falling off a roof if I walk off it. But it will also show me creatures that aren’t bound by the ground. Where is there a lack of free will?

So are you where you think you are? Are you where you feel you are? You are not. Can you feel where you are? Can you see where you are? Actually, you can. If you stop making so much noise, you stop and be.

How do I do that? Let your senses work, but to do that you have to just do, go, or stay. Then you lose yourself. It will subside. Have you never been lost?

I have been. Were you? Or were you too busy thinking? Would you know it if you were lost?

This is why people get frustrated on a spiritual path? They give up at the lost stage? Yes. They expect to find something. They missed the point. You are to get lost. If you seek to understand, you must cease trying

Perhaps an example. I am from time to time completely lost. I wake and there is a bed, but there is only a bed. A body gets up from bed, and goes about some activities. These are its habit. It sees things and they wash through my awareness. A flower becomes my world, then an emotion rises (often love for my partner), and my awareness fills with processes that illuminate every fibre of my being, my memories, my instincts, my very life energy. This unfortunately doesn’t last long. I start looking for things to do, get distracted. But I can go there at will, because I do know where I am even if I can’t reconcile energies very well.

So, can you read the map yet? Seeing that light that seems to be coming from not you?

Kind of, sort of, honestly it’s clear if I don’t think about it. Well, there is a simple way to find your path through this grey area. You can mark it with little acts of being, moments of moving, just doing, just feeling. The path gets clearer and who knows, the path can pick up speed because the path only seems overgrown. It was you who cluttered it. It’s you who can clear it, but you clear it by letting it fall away. You can get help though. People are so busy to transcend they miss the plane. Questions?

Yeah, where am I? You are with me, my friend. For a moment.

And you with me. So hello there. Hello and so long.. must dash off now. Be well friend.

So feeling grounded? Grounded in free fall. Excellent. Are you real? Yes. Are we really here in the Hall of Creativity? Yes. Then you do understand.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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