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Truth is a reality checking process in the mind. It can operate in a healthy fashion, or get twisted, or can just be totally eschewed for a strictly relativistic artifice that excuses any stance as just what’s in fad of the mental moment.

No Where in Grounding


Ok, so where are you?

Y’aint in Kansas any more. No one is in Kansas, especially not the natives. This is why they created the dust bowl in the first place.

Inside. You are inside what? What is there to be inside of? You exist. You exist because there is existence.

My thoughts and senses. And where is there any boundary of thoughts and senses that you can be inside of? To be inside there has to be a boundary, yes?

Where is existence? When is existence. Existence has no where.

So I am no where? Yes. You are not identifiable by a where.

Where came about because some things established an order in which they would interact. There is an order. The Chinese call it the Tao, and it has a shared root. It can be experienced. There is an order in which things make contact, interact with other things, and there are even specific points at which they do contact and other points of their being in which they don’t. The shape of these contacts the Taoists call Te. Roughly translates to first nature or inner nature. A rock cannot normally act as a fish, and a fish cannot normally act as a comet. You have a place in this also. Do you know what it is?

Me. What does me do, and what does me do it to?

Provides experiences to other me’s. Ok. Where did me come from? And do you provide all experiences to other me’s?

The source or spirit, and no and yes. Ok, but ultimately no. You have a thinking mind for a reason. That mind has its little tricks for a reason. Same as you having a breathing body for a reason. Can you read the map yet?

We all come from a point that has its circumference everywhere, and its center nowhere. But there is a why and how that we are. Did you make it? If so, then yes, maybe the map is untrustworthy. Is it?

If I made it, I would know it better. Why don’t you know it better? Because you think you can make things.

It’s said in Taoism that the Sage does no great thing, yet nothing remains undone. But they also say that the Sage has a hand in everything, supports everything, and owning nothing has everything available. Is that Sage lost? Where were they trying to get to?

No where.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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