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Actual freedom is not seperation from anything, but rather the recognition of the meaning in the walls that surround you.

How Do You Know? in Grounding


How do you know where you are?

Relative to other? Landmarks. Who decides what is a landmark?

You do. It would have to mean something to you to be meaningful. Actually, only on one side of it.

Consensus? Yes. Is there a landmark without consensus?

I remember reading that the word “Orientation” was a nautical term from “Knowing where the Orient is.” Do you know where YOU are? Are you where you were told to be?

I’m thinking of being in Alabama and being told, “Turn left where the Kmart used to be.” Everyone knew where that was, but I didn’t. Ultimately, even the most literal directions can be totally useless. So how do we ever figure anything out?

We don’t. Does that mean we can’t?

We need to orient on ourselves, eventually. Eventually, and hopefully sooner than later. Aren’t you tired of crashing?

I crash because I’m tired. What is it to be tired?

Disoriented. Tired is where you are. It is not who you are.

Becoming self aware in a chair, somewhere here or there? Yes, and eventually you come to know that all your going is guided by that self awareness and nothing else.

How do you know you are at K-mart? Do you?

Honestly, sometimes I’d have to go outside and read the sign. And why do you have to do that?

They all look the same. It looks so much like Wal-Mart. What makes you think they all look the same? I will be honest. I see a different placement of items, a different set of brands, different color schemes and different uniforms, different people and different scars on the floor tile. To me, no store looks the same.

I always feel drained when I go to a place like that, so maybe it’s the way it feels rather than how it looks, or maybe I’m just not paying attention. You aren’t paying attention, because you are paying attention. How do you know when you are paying attention? How do you know when you are being really attentive? How do you know when you are being careful to see or hear something?

Things are clear. What thing? Sight, sound, senses. It seems like it when I’m in the zone. I notice a lot more. How things interrelate. How they move. Is it your definition of things that is clear? High def perception? Highly deaf perception, and the other is a step up. But does it really tell you where you are?

Deaf to thinking? Yes. You think you have to either think or sense.

What else is there? Notice how your senses change when you are thinking? Notice how your thinking changes when you are watching something carefully? Do these things have something in common? Why is that middle ground supposedly murky? If only the light helps you see, let me hold a penlight in your eyes, then tell me what you see.

What is the middle between thinking and sensing? The world comes together in your being. Thinking and sensing are just noises. People seem to love being noisy. What can you perceive clearly with someone screaming in your ears? If you can just be, do you think you will cease knowing? Can you just do? If you allow yourself to act fully in the world, will your brain stop working?

Not the brain, but maybe the chatter. Yes, the chatter. But is the chatter any fun? Is it really that enjoyable? Often the opposite. Peoples chatter is usually pretty poisoned.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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