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Life is lived in moments.

Be Where We Are in Expectation


Circumstance. People really believe in that idea don’t they?

Circumstance, yes. People giving me the long list of how I could do something, but they can’t even though they say they want to. People have long lists of circumstance. The blind expectation thing again.

With proper awareness expectation can embrace a range of outcomes, and allow you to make the desirable choice in that context. If it doesn’t really matter where the object goes, etc, then an open handed expulsion is perfect, but you have to be aware of the nature of the act, the dynamic of throwing. It is an expectation, this awareness.

Expecting it to land where you throw it? And otherwise aim well. Yes, and expecting the range of experiences you have had to happen as well. You are not limited in your range of perception, at least not any more than the blind expectations you might be holding. We are encouraged to hold these of course. We are told “this is the way it is and it would be really foolish for you to think otherwise.” In your experiences friend, have these teachings held consistently true?

But… everything we know is wrong? Everything you know is lines, frames, a line drawing of a reality having greater substance but still functional. The trick to liberty in this context is to realize that although your expectations are superficial, the reality allows for that and much more. You can create inside the lines, and by a process of connection outside of them too, but we have to start where we are.

Then find your eraser? Then you find your ability to grow. You will realize that no erasing was ever needed, and that all of the lines are part of a growing and changing thing. But while you see things as fixed, static, you can at least use the windows you have anyway. This seem unreasonable?

It’s not that you have windows that’s the problem. It’s not that you see reality through filters. It’s that you perhaps haven’t yet fully realized that these things are yours. You get to utilize them how you choose. Anything you say is bad becomes “not mine” and thereby something you have no power over, like ego. I hear a lot of criticism of ego, and well… I‘ll be blunt. The biggest critics tend to be raving egotists.

I have an ego. It’s my ego. I like using it for stuff. My ego doesn’t tell me to do things, I tell it. I say “Ego, keep typing while I think on more things to share about this”, or “Ego, while I’m thinking about a beautiful artistic inspiration I have had, eat my cereal.” It’s quite helpful really. Doesn’t it sound helpful? And well, it’s my ego. If it’s doing something, I can reflect on what it’s doing. I can decide rather than stick with its skill set which is naturally pretty limited.

It serves as autopilot. Yes, but needs checked. Not called bad. If I’m driving a car and decide cars are bad, and I don’t like them and it’s beneath me to touch one, well… What will happen? I won’t touch it, and since I just suddenly decided this about cars, I will crash and perhaps be seriously injured or die. You can wait until you get out of the car. You can wait till you get out of the fixed thinking. That’s one way, or you can perceive that the car no matter how you feel about it is a part of a bigger system, and in the car or not you are still relating to this big wide world. Then in the context of a world that has cars, you can choose from a wide variety of options or whether you want to go anywhere at all. Ceases being about cars. Ceases being about ego or expectations.

I want a car! This is a good thing, but do remain open to wanting other things.

I have remained fearful of driving, so I haven’t tried to learn. Fear is an expectation. There are two fears also. Blind fear and fear that arises from awareness which is momentary. It exists only in phases and always in its proper and limited context.

Blind fear is what makes me not want to learn. Blind expectation will make you suffer for your blind fear. So instead I offer this. Accept where you are at, and really look at your state. You don’t have to expect anything. If it’s in you to learn to drive a car, if you feel it, then let that move you. In that way blind expectation and blind fear become just walls and not a cell. Keep looking and you will discover the door is always there.

It is not in me at this time. Also well done. This is an important realization.

But it might be later on down the road so to speak. No pun intended. Anything can be in you, but it may not be at this time. You can know everything in existence there is to know but not all at once, and the expectation that you need to is another blind spot. We go anywhere from where we are.

Maybe that is another side of expectation, the impatience? Impatience is an aspect of how we blind ourselves, narrow our vision.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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