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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

Dynamic Awareness in Expectation


If you are afloat on a river in an inner tube, it’s an absolute certainty you will go down river. Yes, you might be able to get out in a rough spot. You might be able to make a huge painful effort and force your will on the situation, but is that necessary? And are the consequences really ever good?

I have seen people heroically rescue themselves and suffer injury when an opportunity would have been easily at hand and no injury. I have seen people heroically rescue another, and get themselves injured or even killed when just a moment more would have had everyone safe. For want of timing, I have seen everyone in one of these efforts die. Can we dictate timing ever? Sometimes you don’t think, you just react.

Extreme sports are not necessary, but people still love them and the thought they could die makes it more exciting. Oh, true. In fact, for the people you mention that was the right timing. For them the time of hardship is their time. What they want to engage. But does this apply as a rule even for them?

How can you stop and think when someone needs help? You just do what you can at that moment. It isn’t thinking, it’s instinct for the timing. Awareness lets you see it. Fear makes you hesitate if you let it, and if it’s not blind fear you will feel fear and do it anyway. Instinctive fear has excellent timing. It exists only for a time and only in its context.

So that is why extreme sports are so popular? They want that state of awareness. The adrenaline, the rush as they say? And why the mother going to snatch her child from in front of a speeding car is not thoughtless. She already had an expectation. She had already thought it out and is even drawing on the bigger pattern. Remember me speaking of dancing?

This is why I enjoyed the recent Michael Jackson movie. To see someone in their element, it is a beautiful dance. Yes, and we all were set by nature/God/whatever in our element. Blind expectation took us out of it. We are not in touch with the dance steps. We‘re walking on someone’s toes, but we don’t have to. Like in the case of the heroic mother, there is more to any crisis than the event itself. There is more to any circumstance than the parts you see, but parts seen or unseen are all in this dance, this event, this circumstance.

Is blind expectation a lie? It is, yes. Dynamic awareness is the truth behind it. We can feel things happening around us and anticipate where they are going. I don’t have to guess where a stream will carry my body. It’s definitely down stream. The universe itself has these streams flowing all through us and everyone else in all events. Call them spirits, trends, whatever. There is no fate. The universe is alive and organic, but there are ways for things.

If your heart forgets it’s a heart and tries to be a kidney, you die. If you forget you are you and try to be a static idea, you may not die automatically, but at best you will live a death. These things apply across the board. You stay with your loved partner not because they stay your loved partner, but because you move together into new states of being or you part ways. It’s not really a mystery is it? With dynamic awareness (or right expectation if you will), if your partner turns left, you will and yet still be you, and you will get your fish just as they get theirs.

I don’t like the idea of relationships as fishing. Fishing is for nourishment. Living is something all together different, but it isn’t win lose. Not unless you insist on clashing, seeing the world as a place where you have to beat someone to the goal.

Let’s say you want cake. Is there only one cake and you must get that one cake? Or are cakes a part of the dance and there will be many cakes here, now, and even in parallel futures if you want to go that far. 🙂 Applies to anything that exists, and anything that exists in not measured by presences. There are very few presences at any one time, laws of physics and all, and also harmony of flows. Energy doesn’t work really well when things are crowded up. What exists is measured by energies, potentials.

Don’t expect love, be in love. Be with it as a dynamic. That is the only real love there is. Don’t expect success, be in success. Be involved in processes that are successful, because they will change and might not be recognizable as they evolve. Would that mean they failed?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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