You can’t get there from here. Remember wherever you go there you are, and there is no enemy anywhere.

Spirit Manifest In Energy in Grounding


Spirit is not manifested in form. Spirit is manifested in energy, action potential. This is why new habits are so hard to form, and old habits so hard to break. The spirit sustains those things we have committed to, if not unchanged then in a consistent form. Spirit is the source of all continuity.

We take comfort in the predictable potential? Actually, we take comfort in evidence of life even if that life is without ease. But does the ill person have a good sense of where they are?

They are usually delusional in some fashion. Yes. They say you are ill when they think you are demonstrating delirium.

It depends on what medication they’re on. That has an impact also. In fact, that is the basis of healing. Medicine can heal because it can give your body reference points. Even if no materials are consumed, healing techniques serve to orient the body, mind, and spirit once more, and more can be done to aid healing than conventional understanding tells us. We have more potential to heal ourselves in simple desperate survival drive than most western medicine gives us. Each medicine that they eventually take off the market, do they not all have one thing in common?

Bad side effect? Side tracks. People get lost, or the disease doesn’t get lost. They don’t take into consideration the ground that we live on when they suppose to heal us. That ground is inside you as what you eat. It’s around you as what you sense, and it expands into the spirit of all things. Yet they base their healing on a mechanism they suppose to exist, and then say, “Oh we’re sorry, we didn’t know it would be that bad.” Why didn’t they know?

An incomplete picture. They always miss variables? They get variables. I would say they never fail to find the variables they look for. The spirit is beyond variability. When you are dealing with the total potential of the universe made manifest in what they call an ecosystem, a planet, and that same potential written into every living thing on that planet, their notion that they can synthesize a better solution than is evident in natures own structure… How can that be anything other than delusion?

They end up to be inferior copies. That is if they heal at all, but enough about medicine.

Do our daily problem solving efforts really differ? We suppose that if we strain enough, and are well behaved enough, somehow our needs will be met and our desires satisfied. We think that all we have to have is a good idea and we can fix anything.

And get depressed after all that effort fails and think no point to anything. Yes, indeed. Which is also a mistaken conclusion. The problem is not in how well we do anything. You can be a genius of mechanics and starve to death. You can carve wood to take any form and resemble anything and die of disease. Skill is just really reinforced practice, usually. Yet, every now and then we have those we regard as geniuses in general. Why do we esteem some people so broadly?

They share qualities of ourselves? That is usually the person you are most critical of. These highly esteemed people are usually the ones people think do the impossible.

They appear to do things effortlessly. The super hero. Indeed. They appear to do things effortlessly. People think they do these things of their own power. But that observation is shallow, a half truth, and thus every super hero has their weakness. These geniuses are what they are because they operate not from fixed forms, but from spirit.

Superman has powers from an outside force, otherwise he is just a regular Joe. He’s just a guy who is sensitive to cosmic forces, earth’s sun.

And Batman is just crafty with gadgets. And highly motivated to train.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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