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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

Avoid the Madness in Madness


Shoulda, woulda, coulda syndrome. Why does it exist? Should? Then why? Would have? Then why didn’t you? Could of? What does that mean? It’s madness.

You can question everything. I strongly encourage it. The point where nothing seems to have meaning because everything is questionable. That is when you can see real meaning, because it is there. We breath, we feel, we think. We didn’t create this. We cling to ideas and not realities. To fix something, sometimes you must first break it and go further. It is fine to know your limits, but they are not the source of meaning.

Your focus creates your reality. Idea based reality is reality. But most people never gain first hand knowledge of this. They don’t see that essence and thus declare ideas to be concrete…”real”. They can’t control their reality, because they believe they can’t. They believe crippling things, then whine that life is cruel or that God has judged them.

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Jung said that insanity is a sane response to an insane situation. It is possible to go insane with intent. To loosen the minds grip on purpose. With a deeper vision, rather than just to recover from an insane paradigm breaking you.

If one says “I want to die”, it is because the mind can not find a solution to the madness in view, but that is against the Tao. You live not from your own decision to live, but because life is a truth and you are part of that truth. To turn against it is to cause needless suffering.

“Evolve or die.” This is basically true and it isn’t really a choice. You will evolve. If not this time, then the energies you call yourself now are part of a cycle. Nothing is destroyed.

Suicide says, “I can not live with myself any longer.” It’s not an end. Nature abhors a void. End is one of those time based ideas, a useful fiction only. So you don’t get to get away even then. You just create more suffering by disturbing the dynamic and, well, then the karma. Oy! Is funny how many people feel like they should be exempt, but it is all a balancing of the dynamic. Suicide creates bad karma. Cause and effect. Pluck the guitar string and it will sound.

The idea of sanity is its own madness. We wade thru it in a process called ethics. And as long as we recognize ethics as process it won’t devolve into psychological and perhaps even physical violence. But people don’t take that much responsibility. They blame things on upbringing or defer those decisions to religion. Which is supposedly wisdom “just because”, because it’s supposedly divinely inspired. More madness being called sanity.

So some thoughts to consider my friends. Hope this was a help in your respective paths.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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