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There is the capacity to focus awareness, which is focusing energy, which is shaping creation.

Time and Tao in Madness


So eliminate the concept of future… or past? Even physics suggests that future and past are actually not evidenced in the nature of the systems we use the ideas to describe. In being timeless you are being what you are at the core, the soul.

It is hard to live without time, maybe impossible. The Persians had a phrase. Wear the outer robe of the law. Meaning do what you must in the world. Sort of rendering unto Caesar what is Caesars, but wear the inner robe of the mystic. Recognize that the law isn’t the truth. Observe your mind and see that your consciousness is much more broad than the little domain of function you have given your approval of and have declared to be your “mind”.

People look at another, recognizing the difference in their mind and say “I could never do that or be that“. This is false. A serious mistake.

The “strangeness” of dreams originates from your “normal” mind. They are not separate. But you needn’t say you would do that. This raises the subject of will. Recognize that will isn’t thought. You can do all things, but will you? If you wouldn’t, why wouldn’t you? To just go with the assumption “I just wouldn’t because it’s wrong” is to lie to yourself. There are endless examples of how sane “moral” people have done horrible things. History is replete with them.

There is not absolute wrong or right, there is a dynamic. Chinese mystics refer to it as the Tao. They observed that nature seeks to perpetuate some things and will not support others. We as a species exist largely due to a function of the Tao, but much of our work has fallen to ruin for resistance to this. There is a way beyond the madness of human reason and people fear it as madness. It isn’t “human” or rational, but it is there and yet to this day we place human reason so highly. It has to be accessible to our intellects.

The Chinese say that Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao, but just because it cannot be named doesn’t mean it cannot be known. There is a reason Zen teaches what it teaches. The finger is not the moon that it points at. When your mind is at rest, potentially in its most natural state, then you can see the Tao. Even in your own mind, we didn’t make this. We didn’t even make our minds, but in ego we declare them ours and derange them to the point that what would be strength becomes poisonous. What would be wisdom becomes idiocy. The original sanity becomes madness and we declare the first mind to be insane.

We let the mind control us instead of we controlling our minds. And the mind is an organ. It is like identifying solely with your foot. It’s necessary. A good thing. But it’s not the sum of your being.

So what takes over when the mind is at rest? The first “light”. It’s been described as light in many traditions…the inner “eye”…the observer who is at peace with all.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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