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Look within and look around. You are not lost.

Feel the Beat in Harmony


So I want a slow Friday afternoon, and then three things happen at once. They are disruptive because they are counter to my plan of having a slow Friday? They are disruptive because they are counter to your sense of the life around you. How many of you play video games? Or some other sort of action based game?

So we miss a tempo change? Yes, and we miss our chance to adjust our step. We miss our timing and the video game enemy smacks us, or we miss a run of notes in Guitar Hero. It’s all the same really. The world has a rhythm, a path, a flow, like footsteps in a steady walk, like a heart beat, and it’s not that what you want is impossible, but ignoring the beat will defeat you every time. Business, even big businesses fail because of this.

You can feel the beat around you, and honestly you have felt beats that you groove with, that you can dance to so to speak, and others that you can’t. How are life situations any different? What has ever made you fail at doing what you wanted other than you couldn’t keep up with its rhythm?

If you take a moment and breath, cover your ears for a moment and soften the tones of the world around you, you can easily notice the beat of the world around you, and your mind will gravitate to those that make you feel good. Not just good, because everyone likes a good angry beat every once in a while, but toward things that make you feel whole.

This is the only thing those with mental and developmental disorders are looking for. Their rhythm is destabilized, dissonant, and all they want is to harmonize again, to feel whole and back in the groove again. It’s why people with autism behave in such a ritualistic manner. What people around them can’t help them with, they try instead to create for themselves. They are hypersensitive to the beat, and most peoples rhythms they just can’t dance to very well. I have gotten better at that myself. It is perhaps why they would consider me high functioning. It’s a skill. I myself also have emotional “tones.” They tend to be sort of industrial, grinding, minimalist and amplified.

Anyone ever listen to the band Skinny Puppy? Or Tool? My own melody is like the music of Tool, so it creates a sharp contrast when I try to reference other peoples points of view. Another example would be Nine Inch Nails. Put that alongside the music of the Googoo Dolls, or Sound Garden, and see what interacting with other people for me is like?

I wonder why I don’t recognize ANY of these groups. Ok, a classical example. Beethoven versus Handel, or Chaupin. See the contrast? Ride of the Valkyries would be me. The magic flute would be most other people.

I’m impressed with your recall of music. I recall anything that’s well structured very easily, which means I don’t recall most peoples trains of thought very well.

I love the versatility of Mozart – – both dissonant and “melodious.”

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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