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Time has been very expansive, and consciousness came well before humanity.

Express Your Bass Line in Harmony


In music, what is the solution when the speakers are generating a lot of noise? When the reverb in your speakers is too bad, ruining the sound of your music, what do you do?

Turn it down? Why do you turn it down? If I recall, let’s say you like your music loud, can the reverb not also be corrected for by adjusting the bass?

I will run with this as a metaphor. Your bass is that unseen part of your sound, and you encounter it when you turn the treble down as the tone quality is decreased in each of your channels of attention and thus perception. Well, have you noticed when you really look at something after the fact it seems sort of simple? It loses its emotional juice? How does this make you feel?


Disillusion, wondering what the point was.

Perhaps at least a little afraid? Which lets you get emotional again and feel comfortable again even though you would deny it.

That I’m missing the point more then I know, yes.

For those of you who have come to know me well, have you noticed anything odd about my manner of communicating?

Use of metaphor? Sort of rhythmic, maybe too structured, thumping? What do you think of that?

It works for a class setting. It’s my natural pattern. I always think and talk like this. For me, this is conversational. I am perhaps communicating to you from a perceptual bass line, and perceive and process, react to things as if they were patterns in the bass line. I think perhaps many if not all autistics do, as well as animals. This is why animals can seem to be so unresponsive emotionally at times except for key moments when they seem super empathic.

I think anyone can find and consciously express their bass line, so to continue with this model… What would happen if one of the long melodious notes that Mariah Carey is known for in her music was broken up with a pow! pow! pow! of beat in the middle?

It would be alarming. Ruin her music? Probably, unless it was integrated and blended in some novel way.

You personally intend any course of action you choose to flow melodiously, but how often is it hit with staccato interruptions?

Often. Like gunfire. Where do those come from?

Either the physical world, or other people. They come from you. You aren’t keeping the beat. You don’t because you structure thought in a supposedly pure way. It’s the only way we tend to be taught, pure thought, rational planning. How much does your world seem to care about this, or respond to it?

Not much. There are sometimes spacious gaps. The rhythms of the world around you are not that disruptive really, but they can be if you continue to think along one colour lines. Those disruptions, how often do they happen without you having a sense that they were coming?

Always, otherwise you adjust the beat and they don’t bother you. In Chinese philosophy this beat is Tao like the rhythm of feet falling on a path…

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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