Where a place doesn’t arise from nature it can arise from spiritual principle, though it is a rare thing.

Unity of Behaviour in Harmony


Today’s topic is harmony.

Everywhere you might think of, and more specifically anywhere you might go in your daily life, there is a constant broadcast of energy. The most obvious energy broadcasts in your environment would perhaps be sound, maybe after that sight.

People speak, yell, scream and cry as whatever condition might lead them to, and with any vocalization there is always some amount of visual information. We call it body language. The two are rarely out of harmony with each other. But to establish some harmony here, I will ask, What is harmony to you friends?

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Babies are very squirmy when they express emotion. They are, and their expression is pretty much never ambiguous.

When two wavelengths merge in a positive union where the combination is better than the individual parts.

Harmony is balance. Nothing feels out of place. No porridge too hot or cold, just right.

Harmony is having equilibrium, flow, and very much for me it is a musical thing. Finding a way to match one voice with that of another.

Any answer as long as it relates to one’s personal understanding of harmony is correct, and perhaps of interest, even seemingly contradictory views of harmony are also correct. Strange how an idea that seems to suggest a unity of behaviour can have a vast number of right answers, no? Yet this is true.

Back to the previous description, imagine you are standing in a busy mall, the sight, sound and activity seem like a busy mess, don’t they? Yet there is harmony there. In fact, for continued survival and general integration of reality that harmony has to remain a constant.

I remember seeing part of a movie being filmed, and I was most intrigued by how they choreographed the background movement of people to be random looking. It’s entirely possible to do.

The harmony of the parking lot when people fight over a space, car horns, expletives. In that same metaphorical mall, what you have is a vast web of cause and effect, stimulus and response. Though individuals there may believe that they are in no way paying any attention to what the random stranger might be saying or doing, it registers anyway and even starts a chain of thought that may influence their spending behaviours or social interaction with other people there.

Store window displays tempting you inside? The aromas from the coffee shop? Oh, that would be a definite direct influence, but you even respond to things in a second hand way. The unconscious recognition that someone about your age is moving toward the candy store.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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