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You can’t trust another till you trust yourself, because if you don’t trust yourself then how do you know who’s trustworthy?

Harmonious Flow in Harmony


Under most circumstances in the busy mall, people will maintain a basic sympathy with the balance of energy around them, but when someone doesn’t, they stand out like a sore thumb, as they say. Everyone falls into a shopping mall trance until the person, pushed to the edge by events that likely occurred before they even came to the mall, has a screaming fit at the person behind the customer service desk, and the people around think something along the lines of, “What’s their problem?”

People don’t generally like this harmony to be disturbed. This is why we have that saying, “Don’t rock the boat.” But as you leave that mall and go onto wherever you may be heading next, the balance of energy around you changes. The nervous pseudo aggression on the road, the sense of emotion on returning home, whether that’s positive or negative, and maybe the realization that the cable guy left a note and though he says he’ll try back tomorrow you know it’s more likely to be close to a week from now. Is this speaking to anybody?

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Even our disappointments tend to follow a harmonious flow. We can feel them coming. We expect them to happen. We have a sense for how “reality” works and we take some comfort in that even if it makes us suffer.

Is this sort of like karma? Karma is an undercurrent beneath this. The karmic pattern that leads to any given event is not always very clear, because karma is more like a quality of inertia actions and intention take on, rather than the immediate consequences themselves. You run into bad karma over the course of time spent struggling with a view of the world that leads you to a self-reinforcing pattern of cause and effect. You’re in a bad mood so you do something questionable, which makes your mood worse and your next action even more off kilter.

Dependent co-origination? Dependant origination. That is the ground from which harmony originates and is sustained.

So you get out of harmony? Indeed, but harmony or disharmony is more about patterns of energy than principle reinforcers.

If we could somehow filter out the real world as people feel they have come to know it, what you would have left are energies that, sort of like stars, radiate out into the space between their diverse origins. We take energy and paint a picture of the world with it. The world doesn’t do this by itself. You can see each of these energies at play in the environment, even in situations that we don’t immediately associate with the pure energy itself.

I look admiringly at the cat to my left and suspect that cats are almost always in harmony with their environments although I never had one as a pet. I realize I just “painted a picture of the world” by fixating on the cat. Ah, excellent, cats make a good focus, at least for shared moments until the cat moves on as they are prone to do.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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