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Feeling you have to do what you can’t, prevents you from doing what you can.

Our Energy Fingerprint in Personality


If you imagine the first and foundational reality as an infinite sea of formless potential, raw energy of life, if you took a flash photograph of that roiling sea of primal life energy, fixed in that one time and place, that is a personality. And though it exists as an individual and will endure as a force or factor in the chaos, it is still immersed in that energy. Once you have gravity, gravity remains in existence, and then it expands its influence to affect other things, shape and be shaped by energy and mass, matter.

Now keep in mind, personality is a singularity. It has infinite gravity.

Is person same as I? Personality is not same as I. I or ego tends to be a conceptual construct that has to change over time, a temporary check sum in an ongoing math equation.

I got divided by zero? You indeed got divided by zero, because we all are.

How do personality types fit in? Remember I said that in this sea of everything, a personality is a flash photograph taken at an isolated point? Each personality adds one vector, or point of view, or perspective to the entire reality picture, and like a crack in the windshield, that pattern spreads based on a sort of social contagion, a cross pollination.

I guess this is why it is hard to take back a first impression of someone? Indeed, but the energy behind any personality remains pure in its nature, because it is an essence and part of the fabric of reality as a whole.

We’re like a flash memory stick. We get flashed with personality at birth? Our energy fingerprint? Exactly, and we interact in what might amount to a universal format structure, like a machine language perhaps. When a single event occurs, the wave created by it will affect only a set of people primarily. It will effect a second set of people indirectly, and after about a handful of degrees of separation, it will not have any noticeable effect.

Astrology helps us see the configuration of the energy that flashed into our personality at birth? Part of it, yes. In a very broad sense.

So when someone’s personality does seem to alter, that is just the expression that is altering, or perhaps the personality is being released or suppressed. Yes.

I had a thought recently on humans. There are 3.2 billion bits of info in a DNA strand. There are now 7 billion people on earth. If each of us was a bit, we could make up two strands, perhaps male and female. There are actually a limited number of human phenotypes, biologically speaking. Phenotypes are expressions of human genetics, possible genetic expressions. Genetically, what it amounts to is ice is ice. But like ice, any given ice sample can incorporate an endless array of possible inclusions. Genetics is not enough to explain human personality. It’s just the medium. It is not the message. But, to take what you shared and run with it…

We seek to bond with a counterpart. It is sort of like that binary machine language, yin and yang, one and zero. When we establish a viable bond, the two personalities resonate creating a third influence not confined to either of the two involved. The whole being greater than the sum of its parts, and this process expands. This is perhaps why so many politicians try to hit the family values button, but their arguments are too narrow, too impersonal. Just as you can’t produce carbon copy people, you can’t produce carbon copy pairings. If you cloned yourself, all you would produce is your identical twin, and they might grow to be very different from you as their start differed from your own. If you seek to clone relationships, even if you are right about your “type”, the outcome will still never be the same.

Each relationship, whether friendship, family, or otherwise, is unique and special in its own way. Exactly. I think it would be boring if they were all the same. Diversity is nice. It would be boring and spiritually poisonous. That great sea of life, I spoke of, will not permit itself to be poisoned for very long.

So as for types of personalities? I recommend looking to nature. Reality never reinvents the wheel. There are states of matter, there are states of mind and spirit as well. Each level of reality echoes on all other levels. Reality is ultimately seamless.

Personality typing is all just variations on the elements; earth, air, fire, water. Yes, but the sequence of presentation, the syntax or context of any state, that can differ. One can be fiery about some things, and down to earth about others.

I agree. Most people I’ve encountered are very true to their given element. We do wind up working from a core. The storm of our soul does have an eye, and what are you when you are not doing things? What are you when you are not thinking things? Are you ever completely quiet inside? Completely empty?

I’d like to be more quiet inside. You will never be completely quiet, but you can be more quiet. You will never be completely empty, but you can be more clear. The laws of nature hold true inside us as well as around us, and nature doesn’t permit voids, nothing is left unused, unexpressed.

I think when you are focusing intensely on something, you become calm inside. This is what Buddhist monks do, I think. You are correct.

That’s what meditation does? It’s what it can do, but it’s like sitting on a merry-go-round. You do go round and round. You just get to see the center more clearly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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