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Sexual Compulsions in Sex

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Insane sexual compulsions actually form the substance of our social morals. How do they do that? Let’s look at the basic unwritten male/female agreement. Males are supposedly the natural aggressors, and supposedly this holds true in all things. Women are supposedly the nest makers, to be sought and have their lives and bodies “invaded.”

Kind of instinctively? There is some instinct here. Some. Hard to recognize though, because it’s twisted around “humanity.” Ideas people have of being human and how they are supposedly different from animals.

Child protection is done by males. In most bird species the male is the nest maker, and the female decides what nest and what male to “take.” In bees, males are kept like livestock almost, until a biological “manipulation” from the queen moves them to mate. The only rule regarding males in higher order life forms is they tend to kill for destructions sake, and even that is not uniform. A lioness kills to feed. A male lion kills hyenas to kill them, because they are a threat to the safety of the pride. The same applies to wolves and to gorillas. The alpha male does the killing, not the hunting, the killing.

The nest making role and the aggressive hunter role. In lions, the hunter is a female. A lot of people forget that we are animals or will even deny it completely. It’s like the human female doing the shopping and cooking while the male goes off to war? Male as destroyer and female as mother are natural, but we are thinking beings and we are also not well developed genetically. Sort of genetic blank slates by comparison to other species and so far not so good.

Mothers can be just as destructive and protective. Oh indeed, and males help hunt in wolf packs. They don’t in lion packs because only juvenile lions remain with the pride for very long. Males without a pride have to hunt for themselves. Being a destroyer doesn’t make males privileged, if anything as far as nature goes, nature comes down in favour of the female when that can work. Even to the point of female being the basic human genetic template. The basic human chromosome is an x. X chromosomes are the female. You get a female at birth when pairs of x chromosomes are dominant.

So what can we say about this? Well, I mean no offence. But in my experience as far as sex goes, women are more naturally the sexual aggressor, and happiest when expressing dominance in sexual intercourse. This unfair to say? Women almost uniformly despise being “taken.” They want to take a place and a partner, and have things go at their own pace. Men don’t think about this at all.

Seems unusual. The dominant paradigm seems to expect women to be passive. It is the dominant paradigm, and is a mind twisting lie.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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