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The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Sexual Values in Tantra


The idea of the matriarchal society is strong in a lot of cultures. Matriarchy by spiritual and not military leadership and the two coexisting.

In the Yezidi culture (the non Islamic Kurds), women are not made to wear veils by anything but law, as supposedly Satanist as they are. As the Ophistes were seen, they keep the divine union sacrament, but they must keep it in secret, regrettably.

As the Islamic purist regimes are waning, and as Christianity seeks to found one in the States, the idea of the Islamic people being the unenlightened and uncompassionate people is shifting. As they seek to understand themselves as a people, they are forced to cooperate more under Christian and Jewish assault. They are changing as a culture.

Our “heroism” is more the work of the evil they seek to fight than their cultural confusions are. We might not be the devil, but our belief in the devil in the world creates the evil influence we seek to expunge. That belief is the force that would create its own Armageddon, not the keeping of the Tantric rights. Not the supposed lack of moralism. It’s the self righteous moralism that makes the evil bloodshed occur. Bloodshed itself isn’t evil. The right of the hunt isn’t evil as it perpetuates life. The sacred female lunar cycle isn’t evil as it perpetuates our species. Even aggression and conflict aren’t evil.

Ritual combat served a purpose. The eastern incorporation of the martial arts into spirituality happened for a reason.  Even the duelling from early American history wasn’t in and of itself an evil. Did they have drive bys? People running by on horseback and randomly shooting people? And to claim it’s gone is to lie.

You will not control what you deny. They speak of the moral degeneration of our sexual values. How can we have values when we don’t value what they are related to? Sexual values when you teach ‘sex is bad’ are hypocrisy. Their rationalizations are rather weak.

A big part of the divorce rate isn’t people having sex, it is the sexual hang ups. Even the sex education is a lie. So when they discover sex feels good, they don’t even make responsible choice. They don’t know why they should self pleasure rather than indulge in the first attraction they feel. Our doctors even have to tell some people to do it. A man had a bad blockage because he wouldn’t, and was estranged from his wife as far as sexual intimacy goes. He even had to have surgery for testicular and prostate cancer. Is it a mystery why? Cancer has been linked to stress, and stress does get carried in localized regions. He effectively castrated himself. The surgery was just a technicality.

Ancient Egypt had a lot of sexual doctrine and symbolism. Most of the older cultures did and it was unified with their spirituality. The Ankh itself is a symbol of peace, because the peace arose from observing the divine union as a sacrament. It wasn’t until later, and the introduction of an empirical monotheism, that men became the focus of religion. Otherwise, there were many tribal priestesses. Even the priestesses of Bast being the keepers of the peace. The priestess of Hathor being the communal authority, not military. There are few examples of a female military authority in the primal cultures. The one that springs readily to mind was reactionary. The Amazon culture and the movement of Sappho had power because the Greeks failed to see the feminine place. The feminine place isn’t arbitrarily decided upon, it arises from feminine nature.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insight on “Sexual Values”

  1. 1DreamWorker

    okay…good article, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have some qualms about it, though. When you talk about sexual hang ups; I think about all teh self destructive and otehr destructive thigsn that poepel do in the name fo sexual pleasure, which they validate by clamiign anyone that says that isa problems… has a hang up. The truth is that most of the people that do those thigns have had soem sort of truama which they are attmepting to deal with, at lest in the meta study I looked at. TI sina’t a huge majoiryt but it is there. Anythign that exposes humans to EXtreme stimulaiton iwthout true emoitnal intamacy hasa tendency to become an unhealthy addiction, adn some unhelathy sexual behaviors are nto an exceptoin to that. Perhpas addiciont is not “evil” but it ceritanly isn’t positive!! OIT is abarrior to helth adn intmacy whihc is teh best thign that sex is emant ot increase not decrease.
    Sex creiatly isn’t bad! It’s great! however sexually hypocrisy whichc flows form dominator cultures and religoins IS very bad, just like all the otehr hypsicrisies this cultureal orination promotes. TI doens’t matter whter the hypocrisiy is a “lack” of sex, or a overabundance of disconnected sex, it’s all hypocrisy , lies abotu who we as humans are adn hwo we operate at our best.

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